Crises of the family relations by years. How to overcome

Crises of the family relations by years. How to overcome

Many couples endure crises of the family relations which are distributed by years. Someone overcomes them easily and does not even notice, and for someone this serious test. On how there will pass the next stage of crisis – the future of the relations, further mutual understanding between spouses depends. During these periods the support of each other, attempt to understand, hear the spouse is especially important.

In spite of the fact that crisis in the family relations quite difficult test for married couple, it nevertheless has also positive coloring. After crisis is successfully overcome, couple passes to a new stage of development of the relations. Spouses become closer to each other, appreciate the partner in life more and more carefully treat the relations. It is better to know stages of crisis in the relations by years and councils as to overcome them to avoid problems.

Crisis of the family relations - 1 year

On the first year of joint life of young spouses overtakes the first family crisis in the relations. It falls on that time when the rose and candy stage remained behind, and instead of romanticism the household routine came. Partners begin to know better each other, and besides merits, the partner in life shortcomings come to light. An important role is played also by habits of both spouses which can strongly irritate sometimes. All these trifles collect and develop into quarrels, and mutual reproaches.

In order that with honor to overcome this stage of family life, the spouses have to try to hear each other. It is necessary to choose a quiet situation and each of spouses has to speak that is not pleasant to him and what he sees question solutions. It is necessary to learn to talk, listen to each other, to understand the second half and to make a compromise.  

Thanks to communication in the family relations rules are developed, borders are designated, the foundation for further family life is laid. After the first family crisis is overcome, relationship considerably becomes stronger and change for the better. Unfortunately, couples which could not endure the first crisis – break up.

Crisis of the family relations – 3 years

The second crisis of the family relations often falls on the moment of the birth of the child. During this period of the spouse try on on themselves new roles – careful parents. The husband lacks attention from the wife who is completely absorbed by the kid. Often the man unconsciously begins to be jealous the spouse of own child, earlier she devoted all the free time to it, and now it is pushed into the background.

For overcoming the next crisis, the young family needs to spend more often time together. On the weekend together to get out to walk on parks of the city, to give parties of joint watching movies, to invite on a visit friends. It is in this situation most vulnerable the young spouse feels, the wife needs to thank more often him for what it does for family. Now it is very important to it to know that it is still loved and appreciated.  

Crisis of the family relations – 5 years

Approach of the third crisis drops out on the 5 anniversary of joint life. Often during this period at the woman the maternity leave comes to an end, and she comes to work. The circle of its duties increases, besides the usual things connected with the house, care of the spouse and the child the professional field of activity is connected. Mother is broken off, trying to get on well at all spheres of life, feeling constantly the shortage of forces and time. All this provokes long irritability, discontent with, people around, in increasing frequency there are scandals.

To overcome crisis of 5 years, the husband has to help the wife, having undertaken a part of obligations. Spouses have to sit down and discuss together, perhaps, even to make the list of the affairs connected with the house, care of the child. To paint everything on points and to distribute duties between with each other. For example, the wife can be engaged in cooking, the husband to take out garbage and to keep order in the apartment. Perhaps, to the young man, such option can not be pleasant. But if to leave everything on the places, after all, crisis can lead to a divorce so it is necessary to look for an exit in common.

Crisis of the family relations of 7 years

From all crises this the most difficult, called as "crisis of monotony". Everything takes its course - children grow, feelings cooled down and developed into a habit, household duties are distributed between spouses and are carried out on the automatic machine.

Spouses can begin to feel disappointment, fatigue, feeling that life goes the party. There is a wish for a variety, new impressions. Often during this period of the spouse begin to change to receive fresh emotions on the party which there is not enough house. At this stage of family life a large number of stains which initiator are women is made. The spouse wants to feel as darling, desired, all that she does not receive at the current stage of family life.

Spouses need to choose a quiet situation and to discuss the arisen problem. You should not begin with the statement of reproaches and discontent each other, it the situation will only worsen. It is necessary to try to find common interests, some new hobby which will be pleasant to both. It is necessary to spend to a thicket time alone. Watching movies, romantic evenings with candles, walks on the park will bring together couple.

Crisis of the family relations of 15 - 20 years

This period falls on the approach moment at spouses of crisis of middle age. At this moment there is a revaluation of values, reflections about meaning of life. For the same period the awkward age of the child which bears the difficulties often drops out. In this hard time when a set of problems are imposed some on others, it is important to spouses not to move away from each other, to have patience, to support the second half and then crisis it will be overcome.

Family life has the pleasures and grieves, take-off and falling, white strips are replaced by black. But if spouses go on life, having strong joined hands, will learn to hear and understand each other, to reach compromise in the most hard times, then the strong family will be their award and crises in the family relations will not be terrible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team