Education of independence

Education of independence

In life of each person comes time when it is necessary to be responsible for the acts most and decisions it is necessary to accept independently. But not all adults are allocated with such ability. And most often this problem lasts from the childhood. For certain everyone will have a similar familiar person. Think whether you want to see the child such? This is successful and dear person, self-assured? That the child grew up independent not only that he will just grow up. It should be taught.

It is necessary to look, first of all, at own requirements to the child. Whether you to him grant option? Begin with small: what to eat for breakfast or what socks to put on. Gradually the sphere of questions in which it will be possible to entrust the decision to the child will increase. But you remember that at first it is necessary to give to the child options for the choice. Asking a question: "What to prepare for you for breakfast?", it is quite possible to receive as the answer cake, candies or still something unusually tasty according to the child. Several years of life of the child this question has to look approximately so: "What porridge you want for breakfast: buckwheat or oat?". Then the child will learn to choose from possible options. And later and itself will be able to offer the adequate option.

Reverse side of independence – responsibility for the choice. The child has to learn to accept consequences of the choice. And of course, at first it needs the help of parents. Otherwise he will not understand that you should not put on woolen socks during a summer heat just because in them hot. If just to ban similar experiments without explanation, then he will seem to the child a causeless whim of the parent, no more. And here having carried out by a half-hour to them, the child will remove and will have bigger trust to preventions of parents next time, he already checked their correctness by practical consideration. To give independence to the child and not to control him to parents happens very hard. But to be a parent – hard work. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice own tranquility for the sake of the child. And it is just that case. Controlling each step of the beloved child, it is simpler to be sure that everything with it is good that nothing threatens his health and wellbeing. But thus it is necessary to remember that it needs to be made for the child's benefit. Parents will not be able to be near it all life. And the best that the loving parents can make – to prepare it for adult independent life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team