How does the man in love behave?

How does the man in love behave?

The postulate saying about what the person in love from far away is visible not always works. The fact is that men prefer to hide the feelings from a third-party eye, and it is not always explained by their low-emotionality. How to learn that the man is in love and what to explain reserve of the stronger sex with, read further.

Why men in love can hide the feelings

It is considered to be that the guy has to be the initiator of creation of the relations surely. But sometimes it is necessary to wait for such initiative too long: signs of love it is available, and the man does not take the first step to the relations. In such cases the woman needs to push the beloved. But it is worth being convinced what feelings direct him.

Whether you know? The word love is borrowed from language of Sanskrit and in translation designates desire.

So, why the man hides the love:

  1. Is afraid that it will be rejected. The fear of indifference and lack of reciprocity from a subject of the adoration can make the most courageous, self-sufficient and self-assured man shy and constraining. Held down by such fear, the guy tries to represent very much indifference to the girl whom loves.
  2. He is the inveterate bachelor who is afraid of invasion into own loneliness. A thought, that someone will rush on its territory and it is necessary to change something in life, horrifies him.
  3. The previous failure on the love front. Fiasco, a painful rupture of the former relations, a love trauma become not only a source of fear of creation of the new relations, but also the reason of lack of desire something to build, even in case of strong love.
  4. The lack of ability is bright to express the emotions. Quite often the man considers that excessive emotionality — the sign of weakness, and prefers to hide the true feelings carefully.
  5. The uncertainty is in whether really it is love. Fear to be mistaken in gravity of own feelings and intentions and hurt other person can become a barrier on the way to development of the relations.
  6. Fear of women. There is a set of jokes and jokes about henpeckeds therefore the man in love quite often is afraid that his love and desire to make everything to be pleasant to an object of the feelings, will turn it into a laughing stock of friends.
  7. Protective barrier which is under construction that the woman did not make out emotionality and sensitivity.
  8. Unavailability to the serious relations. Even the strong love cannot overcome fear of loss of freedom.
  9. Presence of family.

Stages of male love

The men's love to go through certain stages:

  1. Sympathy. The guy pays attention only to external data of the girl (figures, eyes, gait, a smile, hair), arranges the girl under the ideal of appeal.
  2. Passion. The man does everything to draw attention of a subject of the adoration. If the girl does not react in any way, he tries to forget about her instantly.
  3. Inclination. More deep feelings direct the man. If at a passion stage he built thoughts of the next affair in the head, then here he already begins to think of the serious relations and in all ways tries to win the girl. The gap at this stage will painfully occur.
  4. Belief. The man who reached this stage begins to do everything that the woman is crazy fell in love with him. He organizes romantic appointments, does surprises, gives gifts, surprises.
  5. Examination of the feelings. The stage generated by male egoism and fear of loss of barchelor freedom. The man is already precisely sure that the woman is in love. But he once again begins to doubt whether the serious relations are necessary to it and whether it is ready to them. Well to think over these questions, it can be gone for several days: to switch off phone and to avoid meetings.
  6. Readiness to love and be a good husband. This peculiar return to a belief stage. Ready to love the man realizes the readiness to be responsible for the woman, to be it a support, the friend, the lover, the husband, the father of their children.

Whether you know? There is a disease when the person neither emotionally, nor physically is not capable to love. Its name — a gipopituitarizm.

How to distinguish the man in love: sure signs

Kind of carefully the man hid the feelings, he will not be able to bypass vigilance of the woman. What gives him, read further.


Refer a sign language, a mimicry, gait to such signs:

  • the lover begins to watch the bearing, holds a breast widely straightened, tries to play constantly muscles, at an opportunity pulls in a stomach;
  • socks of its footwear during the conversation will be always directed towards an adoration object. In the same party it will both incline the head and to turn the case;
  • covert glances or the long fixed, sliding on all body girls, the lover's pupils at a view of darling are expanded, and eyes shine;
  • the lover heaves a deep sigh from time to time, inflates nostrils;
  • he tries to touch the girl all the time, giving it for accident;
  • does up hair, a tie, blows off the invented motes from trousers, constantly touches a chin or easily scratches a nose tip;
  • unconsciously begins to repeat movements of the beloved.

Important! The rhinestone cannot treat such signs as the proof of great love: they speak only about interest.


Refer to physiological signs which give a condition of love of the man:

  • reduced timbre of a voice at communication with the pleasant girl;
  • the sweated palms;
  • the accelerated pulse and heartbeat;
  • the illegible speech and impossibility quickly to adjust it;
  • the running-away look.


The lover is given by strange behavior.

Carry to behavioural symptoms of love:

  1. Communication. Love makes the man too talkative or pushes him to reticence — so he tries to hide that he is nervous.
  2. Desire to be near or reduce a distance. And he appears near the girl as if it is accidental, often calls in an occasion and without it, loudly reacts to jokes of darling, longs if she is absent nearby.
  3. Agitation. It can be shown in different ways — desire to hide somewhere hands, the convulsive laughter terebleny in hands of any got subject, confusion.
  4. Goodwill. It is shown in aspiration in everything to get the woman — in an unexpected treat with a cup of its favourite coffee into working hours, opening of a door, execution of bags.
  5. Generosity on compliments. The man in love in literal sense is ready to sing the praises the women concerning her appearance, mind, character, wisdom, abilities.
  6. Manifestation of wit and sense of humour. The guy begins to joke, always tries to amuse an object of the attention, wants to strike it with gloss of own mind.
  7. Openness. The lover does not hide from the passion of desires and plans for the future.
  8. Long conversations by phone. There is a stereotype that guys are not supporters of long conversations. If it is about the lover, then he can stir for hours by phone.
  9. Investment. The love does the guy by the girl's investor — he is ready to put in the relations the time, money, forces, communications, efforts, nerves.

Important! Even knowing all signs of love, to precisely understand feelings of the guy not so easily. It is necessary to apply both the knowledge, and abilities to observe, and an intuition.


Not only girls, but also guys, having fallen in love, begin to devote to the appearance much time. The man in whose heart the love lodged begins to blossom too. He can cardinally replace the clothes, buys to himself new perfume, changes a hairstyle, becomes gallant, well-groomed, accurate.

Manifestations depending on age

The age and marital status can affect ways of manifestation of love. The young guy, the bachelor and married will show differently the feelings.

Behavior of the young guy

The young guy, having fallen in love, can show the feelings it is absolutely unpredictable. He will try to stare at you. Constraining will do it furtively. If you appear in one company, the guy will make an impression that to it it is very cheerful, to pour jokes and to brag openly. But once you leave, he immediately will become less cheerful and sociable, even gloomy, perhaps, will abuse alcohol.

Important! Full ignoring of the girl can be an original way of manifestation of feelings. Perhaps, the guy did not ripen for the serious relations yet, or complexes direct him.

The guy will want to show in every possible way the popularity among girls, can even begin to brag of the love feats. All this is necessary in order that the girl was convinced that another it in the world does not exist, and even began to be jealous. The guy can try to come into contacts with your girlfriends, wishing to find from them as much as possible information on you. It is necessary for it to begin to communicate with the girl on interesting her topics. If the guy frankly does not like a circle of contacts of the girl, then he will try to overcome himself and to treat the beloved's girlfriends loyally not to push away her. Wishing to win heart of darling, the guy will make her unexpected gifts and surprises even if clumsy to show gentlemen's behavior.

Adult man

Quite often the intuition of married women gives the first signals that to the beloved husband there is something strange. He begins to ignore the wife (communicates with her a little, stops fulfilling the daily duties). The husband can have new habits — campaigns to the gym, cardinal change of a food allowance, a long sit-round gathering at the computer (passwords suddenly appear) or lag in phone.

Important! It is impossible to regard politeness of the man as love. The fact that he greets every morning you consults about your affairs, opens and closes for you a door, does not speak about love yet.

As for phone, the husband begins to watch that it did not fall into hands of the wife. Also the appearance of the husband begins to change: he constantly smartens up, changes clothes style, trying to look younger. If you noticed such signs at the husband, then it is worth being on the lookout: most likely, he fell in love with another. The first signs of love of the numbed bachelor same, as well as any man. The difference is that he at any stage can break and break off the relations, simply being afraid of invasion into its personal space. Respectively, the girl who decided to build the relations with the bachelor has to be ready that at any moment of her novel can come to grief.

As representatives of different zodiac signs show the feelings

The way of manifestation of feelings of the man in love can depend and from his zodiac sign — is more detailed about it further:

  1. Arieses are not able to hide what happens at them inside. Their impulsiveness and irascibility quite often cause jealousy attacks even if they did not open to the woman of the feelings yet. The Aries in love tries to draw in every possible way attention of the passion — brags of the character, achievements, a state. Its compliments can look rough, but he seeks to achieve in any way darling.
  2. Afraid of changes, Tauruses are ready to hide the love as long as possible. In their style to send anonymous love messages of the passion, unsigned smart bouquets of flowers, to bother the girl with silent calls (simply to breathe in a tube without a uniform word). At the same time Tauruses try to become bodyguards of the passions — protect them from problems, help.
  3. It is easy to recognize the Twin in love by changes in appearance: he becomes the frequenter of fashionable boutiques, hairdressing salons, gyms. Its congenital activity only amplifies — trying to hide the feelings, he becomes brighter, reads to darling verses, fills up it with jokes and interesting stories.
  4. Cancer struck with a Cupid's arrow will not give the feelings in any way, will not be convinced yet that before it that only with which he wishes to carry out all life. The fact is that its intentions are serious from first minutes of love, and still it very vulnerable and is afraid that they to it did not break heart. The only way of manifestation of feelings — gallantry, unostentatious care of the girl.
  5. Muzhchiny-Lvy — reign in everything. They express the love expensive gifts and wish that learned a bigger circle of people about it. The lion will brag continually of the advantages and to present himself in the brightest light.
  6. It is easy to recognize love of the guy Maiden by emergence of sudden romantic notes in behavior. He prefers to present secretly the beloved's gifts, long, but furtively, to look at her, to touch accidentally.
  7. Parni-Vesy cannot hide the feelings even at great desire: they rather actively look after the lady, are ready to grant instantly all her desires and whims.
  8. Key indicator of love of Sagittariuses — full ignoring of the woman who is pleasant. Such guy can even not greet the passion, offering it a hand, to ask about affairs or to help to inform of a heavy bag home.
  9. Muzhchina-Skorpion quite reserved. It is possible to distinguish its feelings how he seeks to communicate to the woman heart-to-heart, and at will always to be near.
  10. Feelings parnya-Kozeroga are shown by jealousy — he secretly loves and secretly is jealous the lady of the heart of any passer. Having appeared near the passion, the Capricorn unruly stirs, pours jokes, but at the same time it also gives to the girl the chance to express.
  11. If the Capricorn is jealous secretly, then feelings of Aquarius are given by jealousy. Also it begins to change cardinally externally even if it will look strange.
  12. Parnyami-Rybami the romanticism directs: they fill up the beloved in flowers, organize romantic meetings on a sunset, read verses, absorb each word of darling and are ready is momentary to execute her unexpected whims.

Learn how to get to fall in love male Lev, Aquarius, the Scorpion, the Aries and the Maiden.

What to do to the woman: useful tips

If the woman begins to suspect that the man fell in love with her, but hesitates to open the feelings, she needs to choose the correct tactics and to easy push him to the following step. Several councils how to make it:

  1. To call the man on direct talk, especially if you are familiar with him long ago. It is possible to ask directly the admirer that happens to him, whether all him as it should be. Perhaps, during the conversation he will open the feelings.
  2. If you only got acquainted with the guy and began to notice that he tests to you something more, than interest, then it is possible to encourage him reciprocal courtesies.
  3. It is impossible to sneer at feelings of the man not to wound him.
  4. If the guy shows the feelings ignoring, then probably you should not spend on it the time and efforts — most likely, it did not ripen for the healthy adult relations yet.
  5. Refuse desire to send to the guy of the girlfriends for clarification of any moments: he can regard it incorrectly, and its feelings will grow cold.
  6. Quite often women try to provoke the man to jealousy. But as a result the woman receives absolutely not that expected: instead of opening the feelings and not to lose darling, the lover pushes away her, considering readily available.

It is important! If you noticed that the man to you is not indifferent, but you have to him no reciprocal feelings, tell about it directly at an initial stage.

As you can see, to men happens quite difficult to make an avowal of sentiments even to itself, opening to the beloved. However most often the love is stronger than all fears and stereotypes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team