How forever to become the optimist?"

How forever to become the optimist?"

is easy to become the constant optimist. Scientists from the University of Lund are confident in it. The main thing is forever to suppress in itself all bad memoirs. According to researches, at constant and regular suppression of negative emotions of people it is not capable to give in even on daily negative factors.

Scientists call such memory selective. They proved that memory of people is capable to be erased independently. For this purpose, it is enough to make only some efforts. Such trainings are completely capable to erase all bad memoirs from memory of the person. At constant suppression of negative emotions, they will not arise even in the present under any circumstances any more.

Besides, scientists proved that at the strengthened suppression of emotions – the brain began to work for such people actively. Besides, during the researches the scientists even managed to seize the exact moment when memory was completely erased on negative reminiscence.

Thereof, scientists drew conclusions that such strengthened trainings will also help to get rid perfectly of a depression and even the most severe stress. Besides, experts claim that it is not heavy to suppress negative emotions. Especially if you began it regularly and to do strongly. Besides, at regular suppression, it will be too difficult to you to remember over time though that be bad.

Also will help to become the constant optimist to you:

  • Positive forecasts. That is expect only positive events from the life. Often you program yourself only on a negative. For example, I cannot undertake this business because I can get beaten. Instead of such statement you should be told: I will undertake this business because I everyone is able what I will only want.
  • Never be engaged in self-flagellation. Self-flagellation exhausts you in the deaf kutnut. Therefore, it is never necessary to humiliate itself. And just the opposite it is necessary to raise the self-assessment. This way perfectly will help you. Always you praise yourself even for any trifles. Find in yourself for what you are ready to fall in love with yourself. For example, there can be it your appearance, mind, charm, charisma, achievement in career or something else. That is find in yourself for what you are ready to be proud. And the main thing respect yourself. At the same time, do not even expect from others respect and praises in the address. Often presently people are not even inclined to such relation, even the family. Therefore, nobody except you will lift your self-assessment.
  • Choose to yourself in friends only optimists. It is proved that the pessimistic mood is transferred. If you have friends pessimists, then replace them with optimists. Will not give such relations to anything good. Besides, pessimists are inclined not only to ache and give the mood to others. They also, will find only negative sides in your life and acts and will focus in every possible way the attention to them. And all will not be positive your parties they allegedly absolutely to notice as though they are absent. Thus, they will exhaust your life completely under a jamb.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team