How to approach the guy

How to approach the guy

The first step in acquaintance to the interesting young man often hardly is given to girls, they are not sure of themselves, excessively worry. And this quite fair nervousness, the first impression plays a huge role in the subsequent relations.


1. Before approaching the guy, be convinced that your appearance is faultless. Let your smile shine, hair will be accurately styled, and the clothes emphasize advantages of your figure.

2. Of course, it is the simplest to get acquainted with the guy through mutual friends. Then specially it is not necessary to approach, everything will be arranged by itself. If you have such opportunity – use it.

3. The best way to approach the guy – to find some formal occasion for this purpose. Can be the cause, anything. For example, you can ask it about small service. For example, to photograph you on your camera. At the same time you have to be sure that the young man at this moment does not hurry anywhere. In this case, your request will not burden it, and you can even ask it to photograph you more than once. Besides, until he photographs, will inevitably estimate your appearance. But, certainly, it is possible to find also some other reason for acquaintance.

4. Be natural. Of course, you need to make a good impression, but for this purpose it is not required to show any traits of character, atypical for itself at all. You have to be pleasant such what is.

5. Even if such approach is represented for you an absolute obstacle, then try to attract to the aid the girlfriend who is more self-assured, than you. But you remember that such method not the most reliable. Of course, it will be so simpler to you to get acquainted with a subject of your sympathy. But if you are in the girlfriend's shadow, then probability is very high that the young man will switch the main attention to it, and you will be out of work. Therefore try to overcome the shyness Believe in yourself, and everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team