How to avoid jealousy

How to avoid jealousy

The feeling of jealousy visits each of us from time to time and potters about in the head a green snake. It can appear from where from within and not depend on the developed circumstances. The person just feels that there is something wrong, and cannot even explain to himself in what business.


1. Find out whether there is a reason for suspicions. In justified jealousy there is nothing wrong and painful. Sever relations with the partner if you feel that he deceives you. Take the jealousy which does not have under itself the reasons under control.

2. Try to ignore gloomy thoughts, push them far away, and over time you will be less subject to jealousy attacks. But be afraid to hide them very deeply since after couple of glasses of alcohol you will lose self-checking, and they will declare themselves again.

3. Find in yourself confidence. If the jealousy reason in a low self-assessment, then helps you a decent portion of love for itself. To raise it, ask relatives to tell you as they strongly appreciate you. Do not ask the partner a question: "Do you still love me?". It can shake the relations between you.

4. Analyze your feeling on "stones". Involve in such analysis of friends, cold sort out the events. Perhaps, after that you will understand that sensation of fear of the fact that darling will leave to another, unreasonably.

5. Tell about the arisen fears to the partner. Honestly describe to him the feeling, and the loving person will dispel your doubt. In all specific cases of attacks of jealousy share with it the arisen suspicions, paint to it the created picture: "You talked to that beauty, and I was frightened of the fact that she was pleasant to you". Try not to snatch on it with reproaches and tears, you do not shout, otherwise the effect will be opposite.

6. Present yourself on the place of the loved one, and it not you are jealous, and you. What will be felt by you when you face suspicions and unreasonable fear. And he will try to get up on your place, will reconsider the actions causing jealousy in you.

7. Remember that darling with you because he wants to be near you, but not someone to others. In you there is something like that that he appreciates more, than in someone another. And you it can not notice "something".

8. Do not hope that the feeling of jealousy will disappear after visit of the psychologist or a conversation with friends. On its eradication time is necessary. Fighting against it, you struggle with yourself - for tranquility and happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team