How to be if the guy spends with friends more time

How to be if the guy spends with friends more time

If your guy pays more attention to the friends, for certain it is unpleasant to you. Do not neglect a situation. Sort out the reasons that your young man spends too much time with friends, and try to change this moment.


1. Do not reproach the young man meetings with friends. It you will only incite him against yourself. Be wiser and accept its party. Remember that you are not opponents, not enemies. You couple, also have to support each other. Try to find out, than he is engaged when he meets friends. If he just communicates, for certain you can join his company. If for some reason your guy resists it so far, act gradually. For a start make a date right after the meeting with friends or to.

2. Be more active. You call the young man, talk to him. Do not take a passive position, do not wait for him a call. Use time in which you cannot meet, for own interests, you for certain have friends, a hobby, hobbies. Begin to be engaged in something new and switch attention to the development.

3. Talk to the soulmate. If it the first real relations for your guy, he can not understand what you expect from it. Now to it comfortably also to have fun with friends, as well as was prior to a meeting with you. Do not arrange hysterics, and quietly explain that you are offended by similar behavior that you want to spend more time together. Find out whether it is ready to the serious relations. If is not present, to you it is necessary or to wait when it ripens, or to find the one who will pay you more attention as you also deserve that.

4. Think whether your relations are the presents. When your guy is interested in you, takes a genuine liking to you, he will spend more time with you, but not with friends. If it not so, perhaps, is not really important to be near to him. Whether it is necessary to continue to meet this person and to cry in a pillow or it is better to find the one who will be able correctly to place priorities, to solve to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team