How to begin a conversation after the quarrel

How to begin a conversation after the quarrel

Misunderstanding, offense, a quarrel – the inevitable party of human relationship. There are no ideal people. Besides all have different tastes, habits, views. And if still the person tired, angry, he just can inadequately behave, react too sharply to a question, an unsuccessful joke, a claim. Here and there are quarrels, even between the closest and loving people. And then, when the showdown already behind, rises a question how to reconcile.


1. The person is so suited that he can consider himself right, always and in everything. Even feeling and understanding that it was guilty, arrived not in the best way, the initiator of a quarrel will look for all the same instinctively justifications. Therefore try to put yourself on the opposite side, think not over behavior of the partner, and over the.

2. Self-justification is clear and natural. Nevertheless, you remember the old truth: "The first step to reconciliation is taken by the one who is cleverer!" Be not afraid that the opposite side will take it for capitulation. Having tried to finish a quarrel, you will show not weakness, but wisdom.

3. If there is no wish to apologize – it is quite possible to find some other, compromise form. The husband who will tenderly embrace the wife and will whisper to her on an ear: "Well, please, do not cry! I am so sorry that we swore!" almost for certain will reach the. It seems and very first went for reconciliation, and even admitted the guilt (time he "is sorry"). The woman can show generosity with clear conscience: well, let's reconcile. Well, and if it "for form's sake" pokapriznichat a little more, will be cried on injustice that, the man should show patience.

4. And how to be if the quarrel happened between close friends? When the first intensity of emotions subsides, it is the best of all to say a type phrase: "Let's forget that we told each other. We are on friendly terms so many years!" As a rule, she acts quickly and effectively. You can begin a conversation and so: "I am simply shocked with our quarrel! Let's understand quietly why it happened not to allow anything similar any more".

5. Main rule: try not to tighten after all from the beginning of a conversation! The more time will pass, the it will be heavier to force itself to pronounce these proper words. But also at bad mood and rage you should not approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team