How to salt cucumbers in banks that were crunchy

How to salt cucumbers in banks that were crunchy

Pickled cucumbers – the traditional snack allowing to diversify a diet during the autumn and winter period. Without it Russian cuisine isn't thought any more. It would seem, in recipes of such preparations there is nothing difficult: I washed, I laid in a suitable container, I filled in with pure salty water … However not all know how to salt cucumbers in banks that were crunchy till the spring.

5 secrets of preparation of crunchy pickled cucumbers

1. If you want to learn to salt cucumbers in banks for the winter so that they pleasantly crackled and didn't become soft and hollow, first of all, carefully pick up raw materials. Choose vegetables firm to the touch, thick-skinned, small, approximately identical by the size, with pimples. Try couple of cucumbers of one harvest and make sure that they don't taste bitter.

2. Crunchy pickled cucumbers turn out only on the pure water! Ideally, it is necessary rural spring, in city conditions bottled artesian will approach. Tap water can be purified well, having made tala. For this purpose pour liquid in polyethylene bottles or glass jars, not to top, remove the first small pieces of ice. Then freeze the water to a half which didn't freeze merge, defreeze ice in an unsolved container at the room temperature. Of course, it is necessary to tinker, but pickled cucumbers in melt water will turn out very tasty!

3. Before salting soak cucumbers if you want them to be crunchy and elastic. Fill in vegetables in clean deep ware with cold water, you hold 3-5 hours, then take out and wash with ice flowing water. Pay attention: if cucumbers are broken recently, time of soaking can be reduced if long ago – to increase.  

4. The Hrustkost of the salted vegetables, as well as saturation of their taste, depends on what you put in banks together with the main raw materials. Choose rock salt of a coarse grinding. The Hrustkost is given to cucumbers by roots and leaves of horse-radish. Classical set for a tasty pickles – cherry branches, dill umbrellas, a currant leaf, allspice, garlic. You can also add leaves of an oak, mint, greens and to experiment with seasonings. All leaves have to be largely cut or torn. Cover with spicery a bottom, lay out them between layers of vegetables, put over preparation. 

5. Salt cucumbers in banks that were crunchy, it is possible only in a clean container! At first soak tanks in soda solution, then properly wash out in warm soap. Carefully rinse and drench with the boiling water. After that sterilize covers in boiled water. Sustain banks 5-7 minutes over steam or put in an oven completely dry at the maximum temperature for 10 minutes then let's stand at an open cover of an oven of 5-7 minutes and get dry mittens (towel). For sterilization in the Microwave oven put a container for 3 minutes at the power of 800 Watts, having poured in waters on one and a half centimeters.

Recipes of pickled cucumbers

Compoundings of preparations can differ a little. If you wish to salt cucumbers in banks that you were crunchy till spring, surely follow the above rules to selection of raw materials, water, salt, ware. Put vegetables whenever possible vertically and densely.

Prepare cucumbers, soak, wash out, don't cut off a bottom. On each bottom of the sterilized cans put 3 garlic segments, a cherry branch, 2-3 dill umbrellas, couple of leaves of blackcurrant and horse-radish. Put vegetables and fill in with the brine prepared at the rate of the 2nd tablespoons on 1 pure liter.

Close a container covers from plastic and take in the room at a temperature no more than 18 wasps until the covering begins to be blown up. Slightly open banks, let out the excess air, for 10-12 hours. After that you will expose a close container on cold on permanent storage.

Other option of salting crunchy cucumbers – with preparation of a hot brine. Put in the prepared banks of spice, impose with them vegetables. Dissolve in pure cold water rock salt at the rate of the 3rd tablespoons on a 3-liter can then fill in on cucumbers and leave to be made sour for 3 days. Accurately merge a spicy brine, boil, at once again fill in vegetables and roll up a container. Put cups upside down before cooling, having wrapped up with a flannelette blanket.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team