How to do cottage cheese of milk

How to do cottage cheese of milk

In old times the owners of cows and goats cooked different dairy products. Now even countrymen generally buy them, the benefit the choice in shops is rather big. But it is possible to try to make cottage cheese according to the traditional recipe, especially if you have an opportunity to take milk directly from the milkwoman. If at you the milk bought in shop turned sour - cottage cheese can be made also of it.

It is required to you

  • milk;
    • sour cream;
    • bucket;
    • pan;
    • sack from fabric.


1. Cool milk. In old times it usually became in a cellar, but also the modern fridge quite will approach. If you just had in the fridge a milk and turned sour — you aren't upset. If it stood not for long, then it will be suitable for cottage cheese (especially if in a vessel with milk rather dense clot was formed).

2. If you cook cottage cheese from the usual, not soured milk, put in it ferment. 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream are enough. Put milk to the warm place and wait until it sours. The most important is to define readiness, but it can be done only experimentally. Be not upset if for the first time at you nedokvashenny or perekvashenny milk turns out. In the first case of cottage cheese it will turn out a little, but it will be rather tasty. In the second case cottage cheese can turn out too sour.

3. Take a clot, put it in a bucket. Place a bucket in a pan with hot water so that it was possible to cook on a water bath. Make average fire and boil thoroughly a clot.

4. Pour out bucket contents in a cloth sack. Wring out a bag and let's serum flow down. Time depends on what consistence you want to receive cottage cheese. In principle, it is already ready, but if you leave serum to flow down for the night, cottage cheese will be drier and friable.

5. It is possible to make by the same way cottage cheese from curdled milk or kefir. In this case ferment doesn't need to be put.

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