What perfume is suitable for winter

What perfume is suitable for winter

Aromas on skin differently react to temperature differences and humidity of air. Thus, choosing new perfume in shop, it is necessary to think in what season you want to use it. After all not accidentally aromas are divided into winter and summer.

How to choose winter spirits

The winter at many is associated with snow and frosty freshness. It would seem, sales of fresh aromas in cold season have to grow, however it does not occur. First of all, the similar discrepancy is connected with the fact that upper notes of perfume on frost evaporate more slowly therefore the smell is distorted, "sounds more sharply". It is not always pleasant, and at times even irritates. And, secondly, in the winter, on the contrary, there is a wish for something warming and soft.

Experts recommend to use in the winter the flower and powdery or wood aromas – warming, sensual, saturated.

Besides, for winter months the flower and fruit aromas reminding of hot summer days are quite appropriate. If you want to pick up good aroma for the winter, then it is necessary to consider the following rules: In the winter the sense of smell weakens a little therefore perfume for this season needs to be chosen or in warm season, or to give preference to saturated resistant aromas. Winter spirits have to cause vital rise and promote disposal of seasonal depression and melancholy. The winter aroma has to have sensual shleyfovy note and to be rather resistant. To prolong firmness of spirits, it is necessary to grease wrists with cream, and then to drip on them a little perfume.

The most popular ingredients as a part of winter spirits

Most often well-known "noses" of the present add the following components to winter aromas: Spices. They give interesting "sounding" not only to culinary masterpieces, but also perfume.

For example, notes of cardamom and carnation will make smell more sensual and mysterious.

Nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon will give to perfume the sweet, attracting aroma. The most popular "spicy" perfume it is possible to call: Hypnotic from Christian Dior and Magnifique from Lancôme. Flower notes. Spirits with aromas of lily of the valley, jasmine, May rose, lotus, violet, mysterious ylang-ylang will become ideal "satellites" for cold winter and will remind of paradise rest in the warm countries. Vanilla. Not only that the smell of vanilla adjusts on positive, playful harmony, so it also one of aphrodisiacs. Spirits with vanilla are quite unostentatious, they will well add elegant image of the young young lady. Wood notes. Spirits with wood notes, like Deep Red from Hogo Boss and For Her from Narciso Rodriguez, are deprived of levity and excessive coquetry. They will suit the strong women who are not afraid to declare to the whole world the independence.

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