Recipe squids and apples salad

Recipe squids and apples salad

Squids — valuable and very useful seafood which diversifies the habitual menu. Besides having low caloric content, squids dishes will become a fine alternative to dietary food.

Recipe of salad

To make squids apples salad, it will be required to you: 3 carcasses of squids, 2 apples of the average size, 7 eggs, 1 bank of canned green peas, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, lemon juice.

The cleaned squids boil in the added some salt water. When they cool down, cut them thin straws. Boil eggs and crumble small cubes. Also crumble the peeled apples cubes.

Mix all ingredients in a deep bowl, add green peas. Dress a ready-to-serve salad with mayonnaise. As an alternative sour cream, sunflower or olive oil will be suitable for gas station. Salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle salad lemon juice.

How to clean squids

Cleaning of squids — occupation quite laborious and labor-consuming. Therefore many hostesses rather seldom cook dishes with this seafood. However there is several simple advice which will help you to cope with this uniform for rather fast period. For a start accurately remove all entrails from a carcass. If inside there was a chitinous plate — carefully take out it. The following step — removal of films which cover meat of a squid both outside, and from within. In case squids thawed, you will need two containers. In one put seafood, and fill another with ice water or cubes Luda. Carcasses need to be scalded boiled water and at once to shift in a bowl with ice. Now removal of films is possible. If squids at you are frozen, then at once scald them boiled water and start removal of films.

How to cook squids

There are two various ways of preparation of squids. They can be cooked on slow fire, and it is possible on strong. When cooking seafood on strong fire they are enough to be boiled for 2-3 minutes. As soon as meat turns white, squids it is necessary to pull out at once. On weak fire the squids cook about 40 minutes.

Advantage of squids

The huge amount of protein, vitamins and minerals is a part of meat of squids. On many indicators it is much richer than some fowl and fish. The polysaturated fatty acids which are a part of squids also play a huge role in maintenance of health of all organism. According to medical researches, squids possess anti-sclerous action, influence improvement of memory and promote clarification of an organism. Therefore enjoy seafood dishes and indulge yourself and the darlings new recipes for squids.

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