How to behave to the first grader's parents: useful tips

How to behave to the first grader's parents: useful tips

Many parents worry before the first school days. If in family the child goes to the first class soon, it is necessary to know several basic rules which will help to cope with tension and will turn school not into penal servitude, and on a holiday.


1. It is important to render I will support to the child at so disturbing moment. He can not tell relatives about the fears, but they undoubtedly are. Mother and the father should let know to the kid that they are near and can support him in any situation. To remove the school student's stress, it is possible just to embrace him.

2. It is not necessary to give food or drink to the child in containers which difficult open. These intense days the kid so has a lot of stress, and here also a problem with opening of a lunch. Especially, the situation around the school student unfamiliar and he can feel shy to ask the help for the adult, as a result will remain hungry.

3. The child can suggest to choose a lunch most. If food is the acquaintance and darling, then it will lighten the kid the mood, and he will be positive to unfamiliar process of training.

4. Practically each parent knows that the school student's relations with the teacher directly depend on the teacher's relations with parents. Therefore it would be remarkable to mother or the father to talk to the teacher and to let know that they are positively ready.

5. At each school it is necessary to report about features of the child or about problems with health.

6. Also parents should improve the relations with some other parents of schoolmates of the school student. It is necessary in case of various unforeseen situations.

7. Parents have to help the child to orient in the unfamiliar room. As a rule, before lessons of crowd of children rush on a locker room, sweeping away everything on the way. It can also have an adverse effect on a spirit of the kid.

8. Parents should be convinced that after the excursion their child remembered all necessary rooms, such as toilet or dining room in school. The confusion in the head and at school will bring the child into confusion.

9. Let parents will put a piece of paper where the addresses and phones of relatives will be written down in the child's backpack.

10. It is also necessary to mark all things of the pupil with his initials, it will help to avoid many problems.

11. Before the child went to the first class him it is necessary to teach to write the name and initials, it will help it further.

12. At home parents need to organize a small conversation about what the child will do at school. Let it will be noted in what time breaks between lessons when to go to eat and when to go on a lesson. Then at school the child will behave more surely.

13. Daily together with parents the child needs to get rid of unnecessary in a backpack. Thus he to learn to keep the things in an order and purity. At first it will pass under control of parents, and then independently.

14. It will be better if the school student's footwear, at least at first, is not on laces, and, for example, on velcros.

15. It is necessary to determine time of rest of the child because because of change of a situation and big loading he will be very tired and exhausted.

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