How to behave with the man that he was afraid to lose you

How to behave with the man that he was afraid to lose you

Women quite often ask a question of how to behave with the man that he was afraid to lose you and did not leave to another. For this purpose it is necessary to become in his eyes special and just the best, the real limit of dreams.


1. It is always necessary to behave with the man so that he was afraid to lose you, otherwise his feelings will inevitably weaken, and the woman will cease to attract him both in physical, and in the spiritual plan. First of all, remember for what reason he chose you. Solve whether there were you in his eyes same as before, or at present to you there were any changes. Begin with the appearance. Constant stresses and bad mood, lack of physical activities, neglect cosmetics lead to the fact that the woman ceases to attract the man in respect of beauty.

2. Work over the appearance. Try to look in the opinion of the beloved young and attractively. For this purpose it is possible to use as folk remedies in the form of masks for face skin, and special cosmetics which can be bought in shops. Register in fitness or in gym. Also you can make jogs, do warm-ups, morning and evening exercises. Massage visit will become useful. Do not forget to update clothes and to carry only those things which are pleasant to your soulmate. Seeing near itself always the beautiful and well-groomed woman, the man will hardly want to leave to another.

3. It is important correct to behave with the man in joint life. Without extra reason it is better not to begin with it a dispute and not to contradict at a talk. Resolve any issues together, but at the same time so that the initiative more belonged to the man. Do not forget to share with him the same interests: for example, even if the man loves soccer, do not forbid to watch it at all, and participate in this process better too.

4. Tasty and healthy food – one more integral part of life of the man who will never abandon the woman who is constantly pleasing with his various dishes. For the sake of it it is worth learning to prepare and not to be lazy to ask the husband or the guy about what he would like to have breakfast or dinner, for example. Sometimes it is possible to show an initiative and to do tasty surprises. At the same time men love surprises not only in kitchen, but also in everyday life therefore periodically they should be pleased with small gifts and unexpected, but pleasant acts.

5. That the man was afraid to lose the woman, she always has to remain for him sexy. Learn by heart sexual preferences of the man and do not hesitate to do to him pleasantly as often as possible. Periodically communicate with him on sexual subjects to understand whether its interests changed, and whether it is time to introduce something new in sexual life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team