How to break off a love triangle

How to break off a love triangle

Love triangle - not such a rare situation. If you meet the married man, then it is familiar to you too. At the beginning of this communication of his word that with the wife it is connected only by call of duty and children were perceived by you seriously. Now, when time goes, and the promised changes in his marital status did not occur, you begin to think of how to break off these relations.


1. Nobody likes to be disappointed – it means to recognize the mistakes. But the main thing not in to doing them, and in managing to correct. Time goes, already and the first wrinkles appeared, and you still neither the bride, nor the wife. It is time to think of himself and to understand that you expect it a divorce in vain – if the man did not make it at once, under the influence of passion and a rush, then every year it will be more difficult for it to make it and desire special does not arise any more. Most likely, everything suits it.

2. You can continue the relations if they still give you pleasure. Just refuse those obligations which gave once. Be gradually exempted from sense of euphoria and love, try to be guided by cold calculation, stop to hope and, the main thing, to trust. Understand that so far you are ready to be deceived, to you will lie.

3. If you after all resolved not to meet any more, then make it at once. Throw out as the unnecessary, all those souvenirs, photos and other trifles placed on the apartment and reminding of the past. Erase from memory of the computer of the image where you together, and from memory of phone all its numbers. Tell the married man firm "no". Some time will be very difficult, but this your decision.

4. Stop to bury yourself alive. Find to yourself some hobby, it is desirable connected with sport, with trips, with communication with interesting people: mountain skiing, diving, windsurfing, tourism. You leave the house more often – on parties, in clubs. You will not have time for experiences and melancholy for the former relations and the possibility of new acquaintances will appear.

5. Change of a way of life can have beneficial influence and will force you to reconsider the views, in a new way to estimate the relations. It is quite possible that your former passionate love will already appear for you in the past, you will understand that the relations became obsolete. It is not required to destroy anything – from love nothing remained.

6. Look round around when you return to reality. Perhaps, all this time you did not notice those men who were near you. Look at them with a new view, old friendship can always develop into love. Open the heart and soul towards to new feeling, prepare yourself that it can begin any minute.

7. Take care of the own life, devote free time to visit cosmetic and day spa, it always brings pleasure and benefit. Arrange shopping, a meeting with friends, a trip. Jam-pack the time, and you will not notice how other life and, perhaps, other relations will begin absolutely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team