How to bring up the darling

How to bring up the darling

It is considered that the adult - already developed personality, it is impossible to change him, it is better to get used to others features, than to try to remake. But if it is about the man, and under features habits mean, then education is quite admissible.


1. Do not allow phrases that the man was badly brought up about his impracticality in life. Otherwise the young man will want to run away. The subject of children's education, the general cultural level is taken painfully, as well as a subject of sexual abilities. Therefore you tell nothing about similar things, especially in scornful tone. You reach compromise and act gradually, so you will easier find the desirable.

2. Laugh at bad. For example, the man saved library or after your week absence the cups were pasted to a table? It is necessary to laugh at these things good-natured, very cheerfully. The positive criticism affects young people more effectively, than remarks. Besides, so you do not turn into the Fury and will remain in an image of the dear girlfriend.

3. You praise more often. It is enough to boy to tell once that it the clear head and it will do for what expressed it gratitude nearly daily. Adult men behave similarly. Therefore their habits can be adjusted. Not the especially emotional partner can be made gentle if regularly to say to him as he is able to lighten the mood. Many qualities are shown under the influence of the expectation mechanism, you expect a certain behavior, support behavior with positive emotions and receive a resistant habit.

4. Inspire slight feeling of inferiority. You say to it what else is what to aspire to. From time to time, without envy and grief, tell about other males in a favorable foreshortening. Men hate when they to someone are compared. They still will take out Alain Delon, but the neighbor in the platform will set thinking. The slight feeling of inferiority which is not reducing in general a self-assessment, a powerful factor of development.

5. You speak directly. Men do not take out hints, it leads to the conflicts. Men do not distinguish intonations, a mimicry which can represent women therefore they sometimes should tell everything in clear. They love when they are asked, the request allows to make a choice. And to consider it.

6. Apply punishments. Sometimes it is useful to slam the door or to begin to cry, but it is impossible to do it often. Such behavior will help to splash out negative emotions and to show as what you speak about is important for you. For men a quarrel - the phenomenon not ordinary. In their representation if the woman swears, means there is an occasion. And they draw conclusions.

7. Think of good, men are suited differently, they just live and rejoice. Women are constantly inclined to search of an ideal, are critical. Even in that the moments when it seems that the partner behaves disgustingly, think of the positive moments in your relations. Do not stop to love him even it. Because love - an education basis, it does all better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team