How to care for the man

How to care for the man

The careful wife - dreams of her practically each man. The clean cozy house, a tasty dinner, the washed clothes is only external manifestations of care. The main thing - whether the spouse of the blessed understands.


1. The man will easily forgive dirty plates and the burned cutlets, but will long remember that the wife did not take an interest, as its affairs. Sincere interest in life of the husband demonstrates care. But here the main thing not to overdo. Constant calls and too persuasive inquiries are perceived by the stronger sex as attempt to limit freedom. If you see that the man is busy or too tired to talk - postpone a conversation to other time.

2. The careful wife trusts the husband and does not control him too strongly. She gives him the chance to prove. And even if something is impossible to the man, it supports him and everything gives a chance to correct. Such behavior helps the man to believe in itself, to understand what he - strong and everything can do. Then he will respond with sincere gratitude to care of the wife.

3. The woman who cares for the man supports him in everything. In communication with relatives and friends it always on its party. And even if the partner is wrong, the wife will talk to him about it alone not to expose the man disparagingly before strangers. This care of reputation of the partner is always estimable.

4. The loving wife cares for health of the husband. She cooks useful, not too greasy food, initiates sports activities and walks in the fresh air. She understands that men seldom think of health therefore watches its physical and psychological state. And without forcing to play violently sports, and showing everything on own example. The man will not want to lag behind the spouse and will surely take care of the own life.

5. The careful woman tries to understand the man, to put herself on his place. She gives it friendly support and gives maternal heat. At the same time she understands importance of physical proximity and gives to darling that he wants. Such dream woman of millions of men. And having met her, they are afraid to lose the happiness and hurry to conclude a legal marriage, having issued the relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team