How to cause melancholy in darling

How to cause melancholy in darling

It is sometimes pleasant to realize that darling thinks of you, even without being nearby. For this purpose it is possible to try to cause in the soulmate feeling of melancholy by means of influence by certain words or acts.

Check your darling for the fortress of feelings, and, perhaps, the feeling of melancholy will wake up in it in itself. For this purpose it is enough to disappear from his life for some time, for example, for several days. At the same time as seldom as possible you call it and enter into a correspondence, having referred to urgent affairs. If at the subsequent meeting your soulmate strongly rejoices and say about how all this time without you was heavy, so really missed you.

You should not force darling to grieve for you for the sake of check of his feelings. If you see that to you well together, and he really loves you, you should not deprive also of yourself, and its precious minutes spent together.

The melancholy for the person arises only if people are really very close. For this purpose it is necessary to communicate more with each other, to open joint interests and hobbies and just to try that joint pastime gave pleasure to both of you. In this case the person dear to you will constantly feel further the need for such meetings and to grieve for you.

Present to your soulmate an album with your joint photos or a compact disk with videos on which you together spend time. After that periodically look through albums and videos together, reminding each other important points from your life. When you are not near darling, most likely, he will indulge alone in memoirs, using your gifts. And of course, at the same time he will grieve for you.

Even if you do not live together with the person dear to you, it is possible to remind him of himself often. Try to leave in his house several objects, related to you. It can be some souvenir, a subject from a make-up bag, something from clothes, etc. Most likely, your soulmate will be to stick periodically on these objects and at once to remember you with thirst again to see.

Try to say more often to the person dear to you that you miss him in his absence. Gradually this thought will be postponed in his head, and he will begin to have the same feeling of strong melancholy.

Calls and SMS messages – quite effective way to keep in contact at distance and not to allow to die away to feelings to each other. During phone call or correspondence the partner does not see you, however can hear a voice, read mind stated in the message. Representing at the same time you, he will have feeling of melancholy. An interesting way to cause feeling of melancholy in darling – to do it small courtesies on social networks. For example, you can place your joint photos on the page, devote to darling the current status, make about it record on the wall for publications. It is also possible to place various reminders on its page and to send it through private messages musical tracks, pictures, etc., memorable for both of you. The person loved by you will surely remember you, visiting the or your page on social network.

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