How to check mobile wives

How to check mobile wives

Almost in each family there are periods of cooling of feelings. If at such moments your wife begins to behave suspiciously: to be late in the evenings, to go to other room at phone conversation and to hide the mobile – you have a reason for concern.

Whether it is worth checking mobile wives secretly?

The mobile phone – a personal subject. Checking secretly cellular the wife, you not only offend her by the mistrust, but also humiliate yourself with such obscene act.

You can take the spouse's phone so that she did not notice it. Think how you will react to the received results. Whether you will calm down if you do not find anything suspicious or you will regularly look through mobile? Your mistrust can seriously undermine even the most sincere love of your wife.

Also you can find suspicious SMS or frequent calls in the spouse's phone to the subscriber with a man's name. In the first case you have serious reasons to worry. But do not draw hasty conclusions. Perhaps, your spouse flirts, but also does not think of treason. To bring to the spouse some charges, you should admit that you checked her phone. In that case you should justify youself for the behavior. Therefore check cellular, most likely, not only will not clear a situation, but only even more she will confuse.

Talk frankly

If the behavior of your spouse causes in you suspicion, talk to her. Discuss your problems, solve whether you want to be together. From straight talk you will be able to learn much more, than from the spouse's phone. You can ask the wife to show you the mobile phone. Most likely, it will offend her. However, if she has nothing to hide, she will allow you to read all SMS and to check the list of calls. Be in that case ready to ask forgiveness for mistrust and groundless suspicions. If your wife refuses to show you the phone, you should prick up the ears. The reasons not to give you cellular can be a little. The V-first, she is offended by you and wants to tease you. Secondly, perhaps, she wrote about you to the girlfriend something unpleasant. For example, said that you pay it not enough attention. If your spouse hesitates to tell you it directly, she will not want that you read it in her phone. Thirdly, perhaps, in its phone others secrets are kept. Her girlfriends could share with it the secrets which you should not know. And, at last, in its phone there can be a confirmation of her unseemly behavior. Even if your spouse gave you the phone and you did not find anything suspicious there, it has any value. If the woman wants to hide something, she will not leave obvious proofs. Therefore check of mobile will not give you any guarantees. At the same time the strong quarrel after your request is almost provided to you.

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