How to check sincerity of its feelings

How to check sincerity of its feelings

Expensive gifts, refined courtings, attention, flowers... Whether there is no suspicion at you that the hazardous hunter just wants to achieve you? Whether you feel heat from its party? Whether you are sure of sincerity of its feelings?


1. In your head the doubt in sincerity of your man crept in. In his behavior you do not understand something. Do not you know any more that to you and to think about it? If it about you, please, sit down, calm down, and consider everything. You do not hurry to think out artful plans of "check" of the man. Believe, often simple straight talk happens enough to find out everything that disturbs you. Talk to it. Tell it about the state. Describe that you feel and why. Ask man to help to cope to you with concern.

2. If all of you decided to arrange check for your man, then be careful. Try to make so that he did not guess anything. Otherwise the behavior you can push away from yourself the man: they do not love when try to manipulate them.

3. Standard reception of check of the man is simple: write to it from unfamiliar number on phone and offer a romantic meeting. Or write to it on the Internet from the new account. Modern technologies assume many options for the anonymous invitation. Be presented by some mysterious stranger. Observe its reaction.

4. Ask the man to make something for you. If its feelings to you it is sincere, he will try to satisfy your request as soon as possible.

5. Finally small parting word, lovely ladies. Trust your men. With them be tactful, respect the identity of the man. Remember that the person respecting himself will be with respect treats those who are near.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team