How to lighten the mood to the girl: seven ways

How to lighten the mood to the girl: seven ways

In any, even the most ideal relations there are quarrels and misunderstanding. Each of partners tries to prove that he is right and in general it is the best of all on light. And here the result - your girl thoughtfully looks out of the window, and, perhaps, even cries. To return her good mood, there are several simple, but effective ways.

1. Prepare something tasty. It is possible to find a set of recipes of various dishes in network. It can be unpretentious salads, and also masterpieces with difficult said names can. Here everything depends on skills and abilities. If independently it is impossible to prepare, then it is possible to order the pleasant dish in the delivery service. The piece of fragrant pizza, most likely, will lighten the mood to your darling. However, this way of reconciliation will not approach if the quarrel happened because of its excess weight.

2. Give compliments. Only strongly you should not be fond, otherwise dithyrambs to the girl will look mockery.

3. Make some surprise. Here everything depends on financial opportunities. It can be an unusual bouquet, a bathtub with petals of roses, the serenade under a window, a billboard with a photo of darling, etc.

4. Organize to darling a hen party. Buy wine or champagne, candies and fruit and invite the girl's girlfriends to a party. It is possible to send all of them to cinema or to a disco. The girlfriend will surely estimate such act, nothing so pleases how to chat in plenty with little girls.

5. Shopping. Suggest the darling to walk on outlets and to choose something as a hobby. It can be clothes, cosmetics, long ago desired spirits or, lovely to heart, knickknacks. The main thing, do not try to criticize the choice of the girl, the purpose is to reconcile.

6. Romantic appointment. If you do not live together, it is possible to have the hotel accommodation or the apartment for day and to stay there exclusively together. The fragrant bathtub and light massage will only help with reconciliation.

7. Unexpected gift. The ticket for a concert of the performer loved by it, sweets or perfumery perfectly will be suitable for a mood raising. If there is not enough imagination, present to darling the certificate in shop of underwear, such gift will not leave indifferent even the most offended girl.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team