How to communicate with the ex-boyfriend if he has a girl

How to communicate with the ex-boyfriend if he has a girl

Partings happen everywhere and whatever caused them, some young people seek to maintain the relations and after stop being together. To communicate with the ex-boyfriend who already managed to bring the new girlfriend it will be difficult, but nevertheless it is quite possible.


1. Define the purpose of your communication with the former young man. There can be two options: simple maintenance of communication with once close guy, or return of your relations.

2. Having decided to communicate with the ex-boyfriend out of politeness, first of all be not jealous him of the new girlfriend. Do not discuss its shortcomings at all, do not try to learn something about their relations and do not express the opinion on them. Any word can be apprehended not as you would like that, and your communication will break.

3. Be not imposed to the former. Remember that it has a girl, and your frequent calls can confuse her and guide at incorrect reasonings. Do not try to meet too often the guy, he has new relations which require all his attention.

4. Do not approach. Avoid touches, memories of the past and playful views. It is necessary to leave all this in the past, otherwise your communication will come to naught, the new girl your being hardly it will approve.

5. If you decided to return the former relations, it is necessary to work differently. First of all, do not vanish from a field of vision former. Not obligatory daily to call it or to go near an entrance of the house in which he lives. There will be enough simple meetings in the neutral territory. It can be shopping centers where he often is, birthdays or parties at your mutual friends and other places.

6. Change. You need to show that the reason for which you left remained in the past. You have to become better in what did not suit it. In addition, for drawing attention it is necessary to go for some changes in appearance. Become brighter and more noticeable.

7. Be dear with his girl. Meeting them, greet and smile to both. You can even ask to present the guy you to it. Do not avoid a talk with it, safely you look in the face. One more important rule is not to be humiliated. Do not cry before the ex-boyfriend, eliciting to return to you. Constrain emotions in any situation.

8. Show former what be at you all right. If you approach it and its new passion with a sad face and tears in the eyes, be sure that your invention will not work well. On the contrary, smile and show very clearly that you are fine, and your life without it takes its course. It will set him thinking on whether he correctly made everything when he decided to divorce you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team