How to convince the guy to leave off smoking

How to convince the guy to leave off smoking

We accept the darlings such what they are. However it is difficult to reconcile to some shortcomings. It is possible to refer smoking to such minuses. If it is not pleasant to you that your guy is not going to refuse cigarettes, try to convince him that it needs to be made.

It is required to you

  • - nicotinic plaster;
  • - electronic cigarette;
  • - chewing gum with nicotine content.


1. First of all, tell it that it is simply unpleasant to you to be near the person from whom smells of tobacco. For the non-smoking person cigarette smoke can really become a big problem, especially if nobody in an environment smokes any more. Mention also more intimate moments. It is no secret that smoking leads to an unpleasant smell from a mouth. Explain that it would be much more pleasant to you to kiss it if its breath was fresher.

2. Do not force the guy to leave off smoking. Your task is to convince him to get rid of an addiction, but not to incite against itself. Try to help the half, suggest to buy chewing gums or a nicotinic plaster. Similar means do not do harm to health, but perfectly help to cope with thirst for smoking. An excellent alternative for this purpose who tries to leave off smoking – an electronic cigarette.

3. Try to explain to him what can lead smoking to. Diseases which are caused by this habit, not invented. Pneumonia, lung cancer, heart attacks, atherosclerosis – the causes of these and many other illnesses can become cigarettes. Even if your man it is difficult to force to think of the health, it will not be left for certain indifferent by the fact that smoking much more increases risk of impotence. The appearance of the smoker also significantly differs from the person who leads a healthy lifestyle. Yellow teeth, appearance of wrinkles even in youth. Ask the guy whether really he wants all this.

4. Explain to the half that smoking influences also you. Long ago it is proved that passive smokers put the health not at smaller risk. They can also have all above-mentioned illnesses. If your health is expensive to the guy, he will try to reconsider the views of this addiction. Explain to him that first of all you worry about your general health and health of future children. Try to make so that he understood that you do not push away him, and on the contrary, become closer and are ready to help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team