How to cope with enemies

How to cope with enemies

To cope with enemies, it is necessary to decide on the choice of strategy and to make the action plan. It is desirable to find adherents, it will be very difficult to battle in proud loneliness.


1. Society is arranged in such a way that everyone, even the quietest and peaceful person, will have enemies. Sometimes they cause small troubles, discussing each step of "victim" behind the back, and sometimes act openly, without hiding hostility. To struggle with enemies alone very difficult, look round on the parties, perhaps, it will be possible to find adherents. It is about friends, colleagues and acquaintances who suffered from hands of the same ill-wishers. Try to gather all, introduce the ideas concerning the events, offer problem solutions.

2. Before beginning fight against enemies, quietly consider what you will choose strategy – attacks or protection. Further focus on what you want to achieve as a result of "battle", make the action plan and accurately follow it. Remember that ill-wishers can provoke "victim" to commission of acts which, first of all, will do much harm her. Do not give in on provocation, be cool in the decisions.

3. Try to find an Achilles' heel of enemies, pick up right time and strike it unexpectedly. Get some valuable information by means of which it will be possible to manipulate ill-wishers and deliver them the ultimatum. Report that in case of failure to meet requirements, it will be given to mass publicity.

4. Do not perceive close to heart reproaches and sneers from enemies, learn to turn them a deaf ear. The main task of ill-wishers is to humiliate "victim", to prove to her that it is possible in this life. Do not lower a hand at the first misfires, perceive them as a bad experience.

5. Protect yourself from communication with those people who stay in direct contact with enemies as they can assist them in opposition. You show consideration for excessively benevolent persons, among them there can be hypocrites.

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