How to define love of the man

How to define love of the man

Almost all women dream of true love, all want to feel like darlings. Therefore are ready to accept any movement of the man or a courtesy for love. And men very skillfully learned to hide the true feelings. Nevertheless, after all there are certain signs on which the woman can understand love of the man.


1. The man in love will try to care for you. It is really pleasant to it to give you a breakfast to a bed, to give an unexpected surprise or to run in the middle of the night in shop behind your favourite cakes. The man sincerely worries about you if something happened, and also sincerely rejoices together with you to your udacha and achievements.

2. The man is ready to let you in the life. It is, by the way, really serious "symptom". Men so appreciate the freedom and do not take out when someone begins to dispose or order in his "territory". But the man in love allows to manage at home and is even proud if you changed his barchelor life. The man acquaints you with all friends, relatives or suggests together to go to have a rest. For them it is very serious step – besides, it should let you in the world.

3. For the sake of you the man goes on the victims. He is ready to give up the affairs or to reject requests of friends if only to spend with you more time.

4. The man is not interested in other women. In a flash for him they just cease to exist. Does not pull him any more to a variety because he wants only one woman on light. And the man ceases to look for someone else because he already met the woman.

5. The man in love looks for with you sincere rapprochement. He likes to communicate with you by means of SMS, phone, it is important to it to hear your voice, to pay compliments. He discusses with you the favourite movies, tells about the work. You should not ask – he instinctively knows that it is necessary to you.

6. The man begins to give more than attention to the financial position as he thinks of the joint future. Darling who never also thought earlier of family and children is in a flash ready to change all the life. He with you wants children, family, and and immediately.

7. Of course, men all different, and not everything will equally behave. To the woman to understand the main thing: the man wants only her body or really long penetrating relations. Listen to the intuition – at women it is well developed and usually does not bring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team