How to expose treason of the husband

How to expose treason of the husband

Little in our life it happens forever. As the person is not eternal, so especially the relations of lovers are not eternal. Everyone asks a question of doomsday, but many women ask themselves absolutely other question, namely how to expose treason of the husband.


1. If you suspected the husband of treason, you should not hurry with conclusions or to run to the fortuneteller, try to understand a situation independently. For a start pay attention to some trifles. Many men do not use cosmetics. If your man unexpectedly bought the best cologne and made a reserve of creams probably he is resolutely adjusted to change the life. But not with you.

2. Prepare its most favourite dish. If suspicions are right, most likely, he will refuse to eat, or the dinner will not cause in it anything, except disappointments.

3. Try to expose treason of the husband in a bed. If sex stopped being a highlight of your relations long ago, and here suddenly the man had improbable imaginations which, perhaps, frighten you. Or absolutely on the contrary. In a bed always everything suited both of you, sex was regular, but now from its party constant tricks appear if only not to show you it are openly that sex with you not really interests it now.

4. Pay attention to his behavior since morning. Perhaps, now it with pleasure leaves for work. Chooses the best shirts which regularly began to update. And at work with pleasure began to be late.

5. Try to be late also at work or to leave in the evening without prevention to the girlfriend. Usually similar touched the husband, and he began to be jealous? And now he will not be surprised even that you were late on all night long? Or can be so that he became jealous it is absolutely groundless, what all of you understand began to irritate him, always to him you have only good feelings and not words to him do not speak about the suspicions.

6. Anyway, you do not hurry with conclusions about unusual behavior of the husband. Each person, whether it be the woman, the man or even the child, always has own aspirations. Perhaps, your husband prepares a surprise and so strongly worries that you began to suspect him, but not of that at all!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team