How to fight for love

How to fight for love

Mutual love - wealth which should be stored and preserved. And it is necessary to fight for it if someone wants to take away from you this happiness. Be not afraid to defend the relations, your firmness will be estimable.


1. Sometimes someone puts in life of loving couple the third. And gradually, slowly, begins to destroy the relations. And the third person - not always the competitor. The loving mothers and the adored children can be the cause for parting.

2. What to do if the competitor tries to destroy your love? For a start try to calm down and analyze why occurred so that your man began communication with the foreign woman. Perhaps, it lacks attention or you ceased to answer its ideas of the ideal wife. Look at yourself in a mirror. Everything is all right with a weight, a hairstyle? What expression on a face? If noticed defects - urgently change. For now you grow thin and get prettier - surround the husband with heat and care. If the relations with the competitor did not go too far yet, the husband will throw foreign woman and will begin to pay attention to the updated darling.

3. How to be in those situations if the love falls and - for invasions into seven parents? Here option one is to limit communication with the senior relatives. Try to explain to them that in your family all problems are solved by you. If council is required - you surely address them. And if suddenly parents of darling are incited against you, talk to them. Explain that you love their son and the same as they, you want to him happiness. Suggest to direct energy in this direction, but not fight with each other which only upsets their beloved son.

4. Even the child can destroy the relations between partners. There is it in two cases. If the man was not ready to become a father and cannot reconcile to the fact that more attention is paid to the kid. Or when the woman took the motherhood too seriously and threw all duties, except education of the son or the daughter. And in that, and other case straight talk will help to restore peace in family. Agree with the partner that there is time for the child, and is - for the matrimonial relations. Try to be more together. Of course, the kid requires attention. But instead of preparing, erasing and removing while he sleeps communicate to the partner. And all affairs can be made together when the child wakes up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team