How to force the girl to run for you?

How to force the girl to run for you?

Probably, many guys thought of why they literally court some males of the woman and as they could force the girl to run for themselves., It seems, and appearance of the rival not too presentable and not in money business, but then in what a secret of its success at women?

How to force the girl to run for the guy?

To understand what forces the woman to court the man, let's understand what qualities of guys of the girl consider the most attractive. First, any woman likes self-assured men if the guy too hesitates or confused, chances of success at him much less. Therefore it is necessary to develop self-confidence, and learns to show it to people around.

Secondly, most often not the physical appeal, but education of the guy is important for girls therefore read, learn languages, be improved in the profession then subjects for a talk will appear, and self-confidence will increase.

And, at last, nobody wants to communicate with inaccurately dressed type from which he not too pleasantly smells. Good hairstyle, clean clothes and smell of perfume obligatory components of success.

The psychology speaks that both to force the girl to run for you, and will help to provoke the woman to obvious expression of interest a small trick which is conditionally called method hotly-cold. The essence of this reception is as follows, at first the guy shows obvious interest in relation to the girl, and then switches the attention to other woman. Jealousy, namely it will be felt by the girl, will help to provoke it to more obvious expression of interest in you. Only you remember that you should not too be fond of this game, otherwise it is not far also to strong offense and even the conflict.

How to force the ex-girlfriend to run for you?

This situation is a little more difficult, such desire most often arises at men when the relations came to the end at the initiative of the woman, but nevertheless it is possible to solve it. For a start talk to the former girlfriend and explain to her that you would like to remain friends it is, especially, necessary to make it if you left not too peacefully. After the conversation is held, it is necessary to wait 1-2 weeks and having accidentally faced somewhere, having seen being, approach it and ask 1-2 questions of its affairs, do not continue a conversation more than 5 minutes, and do not show the interest, on the contrary, show neutral politeness better.

Further it is necessary to arrange once again a casual meeting, but you should not come to it one, and to the companies of the stunning lady which will play a role of your present passion. Acquaint the ex-girlfriend with the girlfriend, and you will see that the feeling of jealousy will push her on rapprochement with you. Do not reciprocate at once, interest it is necessary to stir a little therefore provoke some more similar meetings.

By means of such way to resolve an issue it is possible, only before applying it think and whether it is necessary to do you it. Only imagine why girls run for guys what reasons push them on it. Most often provokes similar behavior not love, but the restrained vanity at all and whether you should build the relations which are based not on mutual feelings.

If by such method you want to revenge, then at all you should not do, eat it a good saying that to dig to another a hole not reasonably, and there was it at all not from scratch. Having humiliated other person, you can get into a situation where bitterness of defeat will be more than sweets of a victory.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team