How to force the husband not to be jealous

How to force the husband not to be jealous

Families in which husbands are not jealous wives and wives are not jealous husbands, it is possible to call safely happy. However in the world there are much more families in which the husband feels groundless jealousy in relation to the wife, suspecting it of third-party collaboration and being afraid to remain alone. Quite often men's uncontrollable jealousy is caused by diffidence, a low self-assessment, and it is possible, the wrong actions of the wife. Anyway, the woman can take measures for restriction of jealousy of the husband.


1. Sincerely and seriously talk with man to reach mutual understanding. Do not suppress a problem – on the contrary, open it, and explain to the man that he has no reasons for jealousy and that you love it.

2. Lift to the man a self-assessment, let it know that you consider it the best, the most capable and the strongest. You praise the husband more often, admire him, you pay him compliments. Avoid a mention of the former men and never compare the husband to other men.

3. You should not admire foreign husbands at its presence even if you do not mean anything serious by this admiration. The husband has to know that you consider it the best, and any other man cannot compete with it.

4. The excessive jealousy can become the break in relations reason therefore if you noticed that the husband is jealous, try to spend more time together with it, to return from work earlier, not to linger on lunches with colleagues and employees. All doubts of the man have to be dispelled – spend time together, cook to it tasty food, be interested in his hobbies and tell about how there passed your day.

5. Try to hide nothing from the husband – only this way he will understand that in your life there is nobody, except it, and he is your only elect. The jealousy cannot be underestimated – it always has reasons, objective or subjective, and it is necessary to be able to cope with them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team