How to force the husband to hang up a shelf or to make any other household chores

How to force the husband to hang up a shelf or to make any other household chores

Often wives in response to the insignificant request to make some man's work on the house which they are not able to make hear this hated word ""then"". Then there is a new request and one more ""then"". And so eventually requests accumulate, expectations grow, but do not come true, irritation and discontent increase, and both from the wife, and from the husband. In turn, the wife finds necessary and due repeatedly to remind the husband that he did not make promised yet. And as a result there are quarrels and scandals. And ""the wife saws expression"" for a long time became everyday.


1. Do not wait that he will run to satisfy your request at once. All of us are people, all of us slightly with laziness. Try to put yourself to the place of the husband. Only present if you sharply asked to make something, you most likely would think how it will be entered in your plans. Even if in plans it was simple to roll about on a sofa and to eat cake.

2. At announcement of the request explain the concrete reason why the husband has to make it. And it is the best of all for husband to let know that too it is necessary for him that it was executed. For example: ""Darling, here you will repair my laptop, and I should not occupy your computer"".

3. It is possible to promise something to the husband in response to execution of a request that could interest him. But, certainly, in that case it is necessary to execute promised, otherwise next time to ask it something will be much more difficult to be made.

4. Before asking the husband to make something and furthermore to remind of what was already asked it is necessary to find the correct moment. If you disturb the husband when he came from work in bad mood when he feels unwell (and it is known that the ill people are more irritable), then you not only do not receive about what you ask, but also you risk ""to get in the heat of the moment"".

5. It is very important to show patience. Not to press on the husband. If execution of the desirable cannot be postponed strongly, and it is necessary to make the quicker, the better, then it is necessary to explain all this to the husband, but it is quiet, at the same time in advance having thought over as to tell everything without reproach and charges.

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