How to force to respect itself the man

How to force to respect itself the man

Many women ask this quite difficult question. They are sure that the soulmate does not notice them, does not listen to opinion. Yes just does not respect! From all these thoughts the life loses all the paints, all to become gray and unnecessary. And women begin to look for an exit in this labyrinth, splashing out all the indignation on people close to them. Try to restore justice, but it becomes worse and worse.


1. It is necessary to cease to arrange hysterics. Any man of it long will not sustain and it will not add respect. You live with this person, means it is necessary to accept him it what it is, it is not necessary to force it to think how you. The man has to feel how you love him, trust him, appreciate him. The trust is the most important value between the man and the woman.

2. It is not necessary to arrange interrogations about where he is to friends. He will tell you when he considers necessary. It is not necessary to speak in impolite tone about his parents, admire better his mother who so fantastically brought up the son.

3. Try to put on as seldom as possible the favourite dressing gown and slippers. Better to arrival of the man to do an easy make-up, hair, to pick up a pretty dress. And also to understand also respect for everything, as for its work. He is a man, the getter!

4. Try to prepare a couple of its favourite dishes for dinner. You will see with what loving look he will present you.

5. Look together with it at soccer, it is possible even several football players call by last name. It extremely will surprise your elect, but also will lift you in his eyes. Do not forget also about boxing. Accidentally take an interest whether he forgot about a champion tournament (the truth before it you should sit on the Internet).

6. Learn to reach compromise, to concede, but also it is not necessary to indulge in everything too. You know the own worth, and it is necessary to hold the status. Then your soulmate will begin to realize as he was lucky in life. He got what amazing woman. And its main task to hold this godsend in life nearby. And for this purpose it is necessary that the woman was happy.

7. Remain always a riddle for the man, do not stop to surprise him. Remain the most desired and beautiful for him. And then you will be the happiest couple.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team