How to forget the beloved husband

How to forget the beloved husband

The love, unfortunately, is not eternal, and time of partings comes, or tragic events deprive of you the beloved husband. But it is necessary to continue to live, find forces and to go forward. Try to set a goal - to forget darling and to try to become again happy.


1. Learn to accept any turn of destiny adequately. It is difficult to make it therefore in certain cases without the assistance of the psychologist it will be difficult to manage. With this situation you can be helped by conversations with the women who appeared in a similar situation. You can communicate with them through the Internet or in the crisis centers for women.

2. Learn to see in yourself the self-sufficient personality. If you have any hobbies, then it will be simpler to you to distract from sad thoughts. For example, you can go to the pool or to a bath with girlfriends, practice an embroidery or yoga. Learn to dance the waltz or oriental dances. On occupations you will be able to get acquainted with new people. And the most important is that you will have no free time on that feeling sorry for itself.

3. Give yourself full-time job. If you are employed in office till the evening, then will be able to avoid boring and long evenings alone. It is also possible to start repair in the apartment to change scenery, so, to begin new life.

4. Be sent on leave. New impressions, emotions are necessary to you more than ever at this time. Besides, perhaps exactly there at you the new relations with the man will be able to be entered.

5. It is not necessary every evening, checking your joint photos, to cry alone. Begin to make plans for the future better. Come to study to a higher educational institution or sign up for some courses. Begin to be engaged in something new and interesting. For example, if you begin to work as the volunteer, helping with child care or aged, then you will feel necessary, you will have a sense in life.

6. Well helps to forget the past and to begin new life simple psychological reception. Write on the sheet of paper those events which at you are associated with the last relations which you want to forget, and burn it. On other leaf write what you would like to see in the life in the future, and surely keep it. You will program yourself on happy future life, and will be able to release the past with easy soul.

7. Make toilet: you descend to the hairdresser, on massage. Buy new beautiful dresses. You go to meetings with friends and girlfriends, communicate more. After a while you will be able to forget the husband and for certain will meet new love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team