How to forgive treason of the husband and to keep marriage

How to forgive treason of the husband and to keep marriage

Quite often after the woman will knows of treason of the husband, she after all makes the decision to keep marriage. But continuing to live with this person under the same roof, she understands once that any more nothing ever will be as earlier. Whether it is possible to forgive treason?

Whether to forgive treason?

Family psychologists claim that everything depends on how the woman perceives a situation and a role in her the husband. If for her he is the traitor who made a disgusting act, then the relations are obviously doomed. And if for the woman the husband - the native person who stumbled, mistaken, got confused then is much simpler to accept and forgive treason to her. Of course, the behavior of the man in this case is of great importance. If he seeks to keep the relations and regrets the incident, then there is a probability that the woman will solve case not to bring to a divorce.

How to improve the relations after treason

Let's consider some advice which will help to facilitate restoration of the relations after the treason fact. First of all, it is necessary quietly and without hysterics to talk to the husband, to try to find out the circumstances which pushed him to treason and his view of current situation. If his repentance seems sincere, and he is ready to promise that he will not act this way any more, then it is possible to try to forgive him. Sometimes the decision some time becomes a good way out to live separately. In this case spouses have a lot of time for considering of the incident and also it is quite possible that they will manage to miss the friend the friend and to understand, the family is how important for them.

During this difficult period the woman should be engaged in something that always carried away, but, as they say, were too busy. An embroidery, fitness, dances - the choice of a hobby is huge, and the advantage is quite notable: it is possible to disclose in itself new talents and opportunities, to distract from sad thoughts.

It is impossible to forget about himself at all. The hairstyle, manicure, a pedicure, a make-up, new clothes - all this will surely lighten the mood and will allow to fall in love anew with itself, to feel the appeal and beauty.

How to keep marriage

Having made once the decision to keep family, it is impossible to remind the husband of his offense at all. Yes, it is almost impossible to erase this unpleasant moment from memory, but seeing desire of the husband to return the relations to a habitual track, it is necessary to try to make it. Only time therefore it is better to stock up with patience can help and to trust in the best. The main advice which psychologists give - not to remain alone and to remember that life goes on and even if this man after all will not be near, there is a set of other ways to feel happy.

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