How to get rid of quarrels in family

How to get rid of quarrels in family

"… The wise woman, having even quarreled with the husband, all the same will prepare for it to eat. The wise man, even if he is right, will approach and will kiss the wife. Years bring wisdom!". As precisely this loss for words also correctly are. Each of us begins to treat in a different way life and the people surrounding it only when becomes more senior and is wiser. Someone is very quickly taught by life and the last relations, and someone does not learn a lesson and continues to go down stream in the same course.

All people are divided into several types.

Is melancholic which always feel depressed. They like tranquility, despondency, loneliness, to regret itself, etc. What quarrels can be with their participation? Maximum risk!

What does it mean? Let's say you woman of this kind. You have a man - active, purposeful, etc. How do you consider whether you will have scandals? Undoubtedly. The woman more active and cheerful is necessary for it. Otherwise he will seek to go forward, and you constantly will pull him back.

To the contrary, if the man the pessimist - with him it will be boring for the woman, she will begin to look for some outlet in entertainment of.

Two choleric persons in family threaten too with frequent scandals as they have explosive temperaments.

At the beginning of the relations we still can stop and understand in time who is near us. But generally our brain obscures interest and love. If we in time did not notice such big difference between us – everything is splashed out in abuse, here we will add also a constant pileniye because of shortcomings.

Why does that happenWhy does that happenWhy does that happen? We cease to adapt to the person, we bend the "I" stronger, more often we are irritated and upset. Practically all begins to enrage us in the second half: as eats as goes as says how removes the things, etc.

All see the same shortcomings. Therefore there is such myth that men I scatter socks, dirty things, nag, eat, etc. much, and women saw, long gather, spend money for nonsense and many other things.

 And it is not just installations of society. You want to see all this!

If you feel that something begins to happen to you similar, talk about it to the darling. Tell what disturbs you why you are irritated, try to be fond of the same, than your darling is engaged, find something the general, begin to play the fool at least more often. And it is even better, throw affairs and jerk somewhere.

Just stay together, without domestic squabbles and quarrels, without reproaches. Arrange yourself such honeymoon or couple of honey days.

Remember that you chose this person. You have to mold him now - every day, gradually, accurately. Women, your men are kings, and you their crown. Therefore you have to be cleverer also ustupchivy.

Women are cunning cats, so why not to use it?

Even if something happened, you should not rush on the spouse with fists and to cry out. Sort a problem behind a tea cup. From any situation there is an exit.

Your man will be grateful for understanding and support. Be wiser. Men love wise women.

And never before women should show that it is a head in family (even if it so), it humiliates the advantage of your strong half. Give it the chance to be your king.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team