How to get to fall in love the girl who is more senior on age

How to get to fall in love the girl who is more senior on age

Sometimes it happens so that you like the girl, perhaps, you even love her. But there is one problem: your darling is more senior than you for several years. Of course, such the situation looks a little unconventionally, but you should not despair.


1. If you fell in love with the girl who surpasses you in age a little, perhaps, interfere with you these old ideas that the guy has to be more senior than the darling. But try to break down these banal stereotypes. Prove to your beloved that you are not worse than more senior young people at all. There are several ways it to make. At communication with it behave naturally. To represent from yourself the one whom you actually are not – line of teenage boys. Therefore to be pleasant to the adult girl, be oneself.

2. Be more self-assured also own forces. Women love independent and self-assured guys therefore become such. Indecision and shyness – very lovely lines, but they are peculiar to coward and diffident young people.

3. Try to seem inaccessible. Draw its attention, but do not run behind it, behave as it befits adult men. Learn, than the senior guys are fond, and study these objects. And also just read serious books, you watch good movies, broaden the horizons because girls prefer not only handsome men, but also clever.

4. Remember that to be generous - does not mean to buy expensive gifts, to give gold, diamonds and cars. It means that you have to get rid of banal greed. On an appointment you do not bring the girl into the cheapest institution. Let it will be also not luxury expensive restaurant, but lovely and cozy decent cafe. Do not forget about significant dates and always please the beloved with pleasant surprises and modest gifts.

5. You seek to be for it the ideal person. Ask what is pleasant to it in people, and try to gain these qualities. Also behave decently as it befits the adult well-mannered man, do not afford obscene acts. Be pleasant to other girls. This line has to be present at you, but with extremely importunate and annoying young persons you should not be rude because it can frighten off not only other ladies, but also your darling.

6. Be not a henpecked. Never completely agree with the girl, do not follow her tastes, always have own opinion, but also in relation to it you should not apply cruelty with roughness.

7. Be independent. Always make important decisions independently. Of course, you can ask for suggestions girls, but eventually arrive always as you solved. Follow this very simple advice, and you will be able to win heart of any girl, even that which will be a little more senior than you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team