How to leave the guy by SMS

How to leave the guy by SMS

It is always better to speak about break in relations. Phone call is acceptable in certain cases, but all the same after it there is an innuendo element, only personal presence can place all points over i and convince the partner of finality of your decision. But if the conflict in your relations is so unsolvable that you cannot even see the former beloved, it is necessary only to leave it by SMS.


1. Make sure thatMake sure that there is no other way. Parting by SMS – a last resort to which it is better not to resort at all. Besides young person can take the message for a draw or decide that your phone got into strange hands.

2. The message is not obliged to be short to terseness, but you do not replace with abundance of words own presence. On the contrary, the young man will decide that you convince yourself of need of a gap, so – doubt. Therefore choose a short formulation. Write it on paper and try to read eyes of the guy. Consider its state: angered, suppressed, distraught.

3. Say extremely unambiguously and laconically. You do not ask "timeout", do not take a delay.

4. Possible formulations: "During week-end I will take away things", "Between us everything is over. Forgive", "I do not love you any more" - etc. The context of SMS correspondence does not mean an explanation of the reasons or a showdown. You just establish the fact.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team