How to lighten the girl the mood words

How to lighten the girl the mood words

In view of hormonal fluctuations to which the organism of young ladies is exposed, their mood is sometimes similar to spring weather, it is changeable and capricious. Sometimes the girl cannot also find the reason of the grief. Why at heart at it it is sad? When before you sad young creation – soul runs around like a mad and when her grief is complemented also with tears, it becomes absolutely bad. How to arrive in a similar situation? What it is possible to console the unfortunate lady in? How to lighten her the mood?


1. In certain cases the given handkerchief helps in time. However most often a similar act you will not improve situation. It is possible to embrace, of course, the girl, but if you are not familiar – better not to do it as your act can be misinterpreted.

2. Compliments can also help, but, doing them, it is necessary to observe a measure, otherwise it is possible and to overdo. Many girls like beautiful words which have a direct bearing on them therefore sometimes after several successfully told compliments the mood improves instantly.

3. If your girlfriend became sad, it is not necessary to stick with inquiries. Just hint that she has very sad eyes today. And if she wants, then surely itself will tell the reason of the grief. Try to distract it, suggest to drink a cup of coffee and to chat on its favourite subjects. The casual conversation will surely lighten it the mood. The warm and confidential situation, simple participation of you will help the girl to relax and drive sad thoughts off.

4. The faultless sense of humour and several ridiculous jokes or amusing stories from life will help to lighten the mood to any woman. At the same time surely pay attention to character of the girl, for the reserved lady a story has to be told in an accurate and reserved manner. And here the owner of magnificent sense of humour can appreciate a fresh joke or the story about a ridiculous situation in which you once were.

5. If you follow this simple advice, you cannot lighten the mood to any girl, be she your beloved girlfriend, or just sad stranger. Everything that from you is required - it is a little participation and understanding. Girls sometimes very much lack it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team