How to live without love

How to live without love

Not always the first love comes to an end with marriage. And the person who was left for a while without partner begins to long, is depressed. It is difficult to it to adapt to life alone.


1. Do not perceive loneliness as a shortcoming. Thousands of people dream worldwide that it was more free time. So use it "on all hundred". Be engaged in appearance, you descend in a sunbed, beauty shop, register in fitness club. It places where people seldom walk in couples, you will feel there comfortably.

2. Find a hobby. The photo, soap manufacture, fabric painting, a molding - is a huge number of occupations which help self-expression. And the creator, as we know, has to be lonely that the relations did not distract him from the beautiful creature. Perhaps, you so will be fond of a hobby that it will develop into a profession. And you will find not only hobby, but also the adored work for the rest of life.

3. Communicate with friends more densely. During the time spent in the relations you absolutely threw them. It is time to remember how to you it was cheerful together and to try to revive friendship. Of course, acquaintances can be offended by you for the fact that you paid them so not enough attention, being in the relations. Again to become close people, it is necessary to make efforts. Be engaged in friendship revival, it will dismiss thoughts of loneliness.

4. Compensate love for the partner by love for relatives. If you have a need to care for someone, help parents, brothers, sisters. Behind own experiences the people often do not notice that to the family it is heavy too. Like their problems, try to help in every way. In reply close people are capable to give the true unconditional love which now so is not enough for you.

5. Be not obsessed with loneliness, conduct active public life, communicate with friends, do not forget about relatives. The person with a positive spirit considerably at once, it attracts people around. And you will get rid soon of loneliness as people open and happy with life have always enough admirers, it will be necessary only to choose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team