How to love the married man

How to love the married man

You fell in love with the married man. You cannot live without him, you listen to nobody and resolutely you are going to continue your relations. It is necessary only to hope that your feelings will die away over time, and you will understand all hopelessness of such relations, but it will be later for now it is necessary to learn to build correctly the relations with the married man then strongly not to suffer.


1. Try to reject all feelings. Even if you love the married man and think that you will not be able to live without him, constrain yourself, do not relax. You remember: this is not your man. You for him only an outlet which helps it to distract from family life.

2. To love the married man and to maintain the relations with him, it is always necessary to remember: he will hardly divorce even if he constantly promises it to you. Many psychologists consider that if within half a year the married man did not leave the wife to the mistress, then he is not going to get divorced. Know, all its promises are simple excuses and attempt to keep the former relations with you. If the man decides to leave the wife, then nothing will stop him. He makes the decision and realizes it, but does not ask the mistress "to suffer two-three more years" until children grow up, leave, will enter the university, etc.

3. To love the married man it is difficult and painful. These relations can exhaust and devastate you. How it was heavy, it is necessary not to forget about himself therefore it is not necessary to feel not free and to refuse new acquaintances. If you have an affair with the married man, it is necessary to look for all the same the free man for the serious relations not to remain as a result with the broken heart.

4. Some ladies want to take away the beloved from family and try to designate in every possible way the presence at life of the married beloved. For example, during the appointments leave a mark from lipstick on the lover's shirt, begin to ring it the most inconvenient time, to send messages to phone. The mistress tries to upset with such actions family life to the man, however, it is deadlock option. As a rule, the married man will make a choice for the wife and during the next scandal in family he will promise the spouse not to meet you more. If you really value it, then have to respect his family and try not to create to it excess problems.

5. To love the married man and to keep with him the relations you have to have an active life. It is necessary to construct it so that at those moments when your beloved spends time with family, you did not remain all alone. Meet friends, attend interesting actions, you spend holidays in the companies. Only in this case the relations with the married man will bring more joy, than tears and disappointments.

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