How to make the relations romantic

How to make the relations romantic

Sooner or later many relations have a chance to sink in household monotony. You will not notice how all evenings will begin to pass monotonously, boringly. Of course, the trip to the distant countries contributes a fair share of novelty in the relations, but on a holiday most of hard workers is given only month in a year. And how the rest of the time? Try not to forget about romantic trifles every day.

It is required to you

  • - romantic notes;
  • - blanket for a picnic;
  • - candles.


1. Do each other pleasant trifles. It can be knickknacks, flowers, souvenirs. Also it will be very pleasant to your partner to find in himself in a pocket a note with gentle recognitions.

2. Pay due attention to cooking. Even if not you are responsible for food in couple, the unexpected culinary initiative will not remain unnoticed. Try some new recipe, for example, from east kitchen. Only estimate the forces and opportunities that the experiment did not end with a failure.

3. Get up in the morning earlier, than your second half, make coffee and sandwiches. Arrange to darling a breakfast in a bed, it is very pleasant.

4. It is possible to invite the lyuimy person to an unexpected picnic in the next park in the summer. Such action will not involve great efforts and costs, at the same time you will be able to spend time only together, without the distracting factors.

5. Many consider romantic joint acceptance of a bathtub by candlelight. Quite perhaps, it will be pleasant also to you. Especially as such pastime can pass also into more entertaining.

6. Flirt with the partner, show him a various affection. It seems that at joint life in them there is no need any more, but actually it not so. Do not forget about such important words as "I love you", they never lose relevance.

7. Show more initiative in a bed. The sexy underwear or the unexpected place for lovemaking will update your feelings and passion. Suggest the second half to conduct some courageous experiment if both of you not against.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team