How to meet the mother-in-law

How to meet the mother-in-law

The visit of relatives is an important event in family life and if it is arrival of the mother-in-law, then the rank of such meeting rises by unknown height even if you are with it in the fine relations. That the meeting took place successfully, it is important to think over each trifle, beginning from appearance and downloading a festive lunch or a dinner.


1. Learn from the husband about tastes and preferences of his mother in advance. So if she loves living plants, put pots with flowers on a foreground; if loves to look the TV - allocate the room where she could enjoy the favourite movie or transfer for rest.

2. Before arrival of the mother-in-law make clear-out of the apartment that it had no thought that you are not capable to conduct economy and to keep the house clean. Do not expose your intimate life before the spouse's mother therefore it is better to put away underwear and personal care products in a case or a dresser.

3. Think of the dress in advance. Refuse an old dressing gown or extravagant clothes, otherwise you can spoil an impression. Show to the mother-in-law that you have a good taste and there is sense of style. It is better to dress something daily, simple and comfortable, and to add a favourite accessory to a dress.

4. Show to the mother-in-law that you prepared for a meeting, having prepared its favourite dishes. At the same time do not forget to mention her culinary talents if they really are present. Prepare a small gift or a souvenir - so you not only you will please relatives, but also relieve the tension.

5. Never you flatter the spouse's mother. As a rule, mothers-in-law feel barefaced flattery at once. Surround it with the attention and care better, thereby having shown that are glad to her arrival and you appreciate its human qualities.

6. Do not abuse the husband at his mother even if he deserved it. Do not forget that for her he is, first of all, the beloved son and it will be unpleasant to hear a negative in its party to her. Even if she will begin to criticize his behavior, just it is better to keep silent, but not to develop this subject.

7. Do not oppose to its councils, and surely listen and thank. At the same time it is not obligatory to follow them at all. Let it will have an impression that it is still necessary, now not only to the son, but also his spouse.

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