How to plan a vacation for all family

How to plan a vacation for all family

That family holiday went without problems and excess disorders, it is necessary to be prepared in advance and to consider several nuances.


1. Pay special attention to financial side of a question. Allocate a certain sum of money, considering the level of rest on which you count. Divide the sum into several parts, money for the road, accommodation, food and entertainments. Distribute the sum depending on what you count more on, on the level of comfort of housing, perhaps? entertainments on the first place. The family with the child, has to consider that children transfer inconveniences heavier therefore it is necessary to prefer comfort at accommodation and during the trips. Surely allocate a certain sum of money for unforeseen situations.

2. That all family members had an opportunity qualitatively and with pleasure it is necessary to have a rest, choose the place of a trip together. On family council, it is necessary to find out preferences of each family member and to compare them with possible versions of permits. This action will help to avoid conflict situations. All family members will be satisfied.

3. Choosing the vacation spot, it is necessary to collect as much as possible information. It is the best of all to go according to the recommendation of acquaintances which happened in this place and give accurate responses. If you work with travel agency, do not hesitate to ask questions, to find out details, all pluses and minuses, especially when in family there is a child. To couples without children, it is much easier to get out of any situation and to understand already on the ground. If the family with children is sent on leave, then it is the best of all to reserve housing in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises at the beginning of the holiday.

4. Try to make the plan of entertainments. Choose excursions, learn about all possible interesting places which you will be able to visit. If family with children, consider that it will be heavy to them to postpone long excursions under the scorching sun. Choose suitable entertainments for all family.

5. That to forget nothing from things necessary for you, before collecting to the road make the list of all necessary and be verified with it. Consider things which are necessary during the trip and throughout all rest. Separately collect a first-aid kit with drugs of prime necessity and medicines on various cases. You enter in the list even trifles if to forget something, you will spend excess time for search of necessary things and excess expenses.

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