How to receive a family tree

How to receive a family tree

Questions of the origin often interest educated people. So there is a wish to find communication among themselves and some noblemen-aristocrats or just famous people – writers, musicians, artists. But how to understand artful designs of a family tree?


1. Talk to relatives. It is quite natural that your parents, grandmothers and grandfathers and if carries, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers know the ancestors better, than you. So address relatives with inquiries. Of course, probability is not really high that you so learn all the sort to Adam and Eve, the homo sapiens, or alien aliens (necessary to emphasize), however on several generations it is possible to go deep back. By the way, practice shows that women know better the family tree so address the grandmother, she can and about grandfather's relatives knows much.

2. Remember the roots. If you know that your ancestors lived in some concrete village or the city, and you know their surname and surnames of the immediate family, then it can be very good help on the way to your purpose. It is possible to rummage in a world wide web and to look for any information on these settlements. If it is about villages villages and you managed to find native, then, quite perhaps, on the same website or through some references it will be possible to contact residents of this village village. Censuses took place also in royal time. So if the surname of your ancestors is not always it coincides with yours familiar to you () and you find this surname in a population census of the concrete settlement where there lived your ancestors, then you can congratulate yourself. Possibly, you found some roots of the family tree, and now it is only necessary to lay the bridge between them and itself.

3. Make a pilgrimage to native places. Perhaps, someone from your distant relatives lives somewhere in those far or close villages villages. There is a probability that by means of them you will be able to find the lost links of a family tree, and his picture will be clearer.

4. Use archives. If you know that you your ancestors not from the small village with three streets and two surnames on all village, and from the large city, then address archive agencies. They will provide information to you, certainly, for a certain payment, but the main thing would be desire, and opportunities will always be.

5. Address professionals. If you have no time to be engaged in trips, inquiries, visits of archive, but there are desire and material resources, then it is worth addressing people who professionally are engaged in creation of genealogical trees. It is possible to find enough agencies which deal with the matter in a world wide web. They will make all work for you, however, it costs little not so. However you have a choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team