How to reconcile with the girl after parting or a quarrel

How to reconcile with the girl after parting or a quarrel

Quarrel — absolutely normal stage of the relations as we not always perceive the world equally. But if you want your relations to proceed, then it is necessary to be able to be reconciled. About how it is possible to make it, we will talk in this article.

How to reconcile with the girl after parting

If you already left, then to reconcile with the ex-girlfriend quite difficult. Think whether really you need it. If for a quarrel there were reasons and they are not eliminated, then you only will come to the next quarrel after a while.

But if it is worth reconciling, that is several rules which should be considered for reconciliation after the quarrel:

  1. If you are guilty of it, for example, violated a promise or told something offensive — do not apologize right after the incident. This the worst that you can make at this moment. Now she is angry and is disappointed in you, she doubts. And the reason of the majority of gaps — loss of respect for the man therefore carefully weigh words, but do not tell banalities.
  2. Can seem to you that consent to all requirements of the woman makes her happy, and a problem exhausted. It works at cinema, but not in life. It is important to woman to know that the man near her is firm also what he really trusts in even if it causes disagreements will defend. When the guy can defend the principles, his partner believes that he will be rather strong to cope with what threatens their future. If he in everything agrees whether he then will be able to stand for himself in a difficult situation (at work, in society) or will be just silent? Should it intercede for him? These are questions on which it has to receive answers in your actions.
  3. Always you reduce a situation to a smile, laughter and love. When you get used to do it, will feel both much more love to each other. Take the responsibility for an event and let it know that you heard her fears and from this point you will pay to a problem more attention. On the other hand, if she is guilty, forgive her and let it know that you love, despite everything, but that you would be grateful if it worked over correction of the relation to a problem.

Whether you know? According to scientists, there are 8 main natural emotions: joy, acceptance, fear, surprise, grief, disgust, anger and expectation. Other important emotions, such as love, are result of shift and combinations of these eight.

As it is beautiful to ask forgiveness after the strong quarrel

There is a set of ways by means of which couples try to reconcile after the quarrel. For some are fast apologies and attempt to freeze a situation, for others — active sex and other ways. Most likely, after the quarrel to you it is necessary to talk sincerely and honestly with each other. It is the most beautiful and adult way of the solution of a situation.

That the conversation was constructive, consider the following:

  • always plan the actions. You and only you precisely know what arguments affect your partner better;
  • you remember that you should not consult on friends or relatives on this matter or especially to publish a problem in social networks. It will strengthen crisis and will have deplorable result;
  • consider that each of you needs to give time to cool down before beginning to be reconciled.

Whether you know? Experience of negative emotions, such as fear and anger, is important for mental health and also experience positively helps us to assess life situations. The one who experiences only positive emotions risks to become self-satisfied and to ignore really important questions.

How to work to reconcile if the girl is guilty

If the girl is guilty, but does not understand it, just try to calm down and explain to her in what a key part of the problem. Think over a conversation and the arguments in it. Try to speak most objectively and to be convincing. If the girl is guilty and knows about it, then, perhaps, she feels awkwardness. Give time to both of you to calm down. Also let it know that, despite everything, you love it. And then discuss the arisen situation positively.

How to reconcile after treason

Possibly, the help someone who knows and loves both of you equally can be necessary for you. Someone who can prompt that to do to you. Treason — quite serious act, and it means that the relations with the partner are insufficiently comfortable, something goes to them not so. Treason means lack of love.

Important! Dreams help to reduce bad memoirs. At night the brain manages to draw more logical conclusions from a situation or memoirs. Therefore, in the morning you will treat a quarrel more quietly, than the night before.

And if it occurred, but you find it necessary to reconcile, then the one who is guilty should prove that the love between you is in spite of the fact that occurred. But you remember that the partner is not obliged to forgive only because you are ready to apologize. To forgive or not is only its choice.

If the guy changed

If you changed, then not to lose trust and not to quarrel, it is necessary that she did not learn about it. And it is very simple if treason is accidental. It is more difficult if it occurs constantly. Think whether such relations are necessary to you.

Not to give itself:

  • it is not necessary to become suddenly another — kind, aggressive or some else;
  • do not arrange attractions of unprecedented generosity unusual for you — it suggests an idea of guilt at once;
  • try to give the girl as much of time how many earlier. The difference should not be evident.

Think also of the reasons which are the cornerstone of treason. In order that there was a constant need for campaigns on the left, they have to be quite serious. Choose suitable time to discuss a problem with the partner. If it is possible, you have to plan together ways of correction of what does not suit you in the relations.

If the girl changed

If the girl changed, it besides speaks about problems between you. The only way to remain in the relations is a fair conversation. The situation has to be accepted by both partners and ways of its decision are planned. But the decision on need of such conversation to accept to you. Perhaps, the situation already went to end, and you need really to leave.

Important! The anger increases risk of heart attacks and strokes in the long term and weakens the immune system. Therefore if are angry, try to do it quicker.

Original ways of reconciliation

If the girl is too offended, then to reconcile with the help of a conversation — the good idea, but it is worth beginning it with something unusual that will force the girl to smile and remember that not everything between you is so bad.

To present a bouquet or a card

Buy for it an original bouquet. It can be unusual: in the form of heart or a bear. Add to it an original card — it will surprise and will cause positive emotions. Sometimes just short and pleasant message can work wonders. Such beginning adjusts you together on a positive wave.

To make a pleasant surprise

Original surprise can become anything: a flashmob, a picture on snow or on a house wall, opposite to its windows. It is fine if you have any special talents or you can attract friends with such talents.

To present jewelry or accessories

To present ornament is very simple, but insincere way. But you can present it something what she dreamed long ago of. The original and deserving attention gift can become:

  • ornament to order, with clear to you to two an engraving;
  • the ornament made with own hands.

Whether you know? Laughter is really transferred to other person. So occurs because your brain at once prepares facial muscles for a smile as soon as hearing fixes laughter.

To write beautiful SMS

If the quarrel is not too serious — send original SMS. But it is much better — to send a small bouquet from flowers, the unusual note with a request for forgiveness, with awareness of fault, verses or something cheerful and lovely will be attached to each of which.

As you should not behave after the quarrel with the girlfriend

First of all, do not try to deceive her and to force to feel silly and also to intimidate by aggression. Build your conversation on sympathy, a smile and love. Do not humiliate, do not accuse and do not offend each other. Do not raise the voice.

It will be interesting to you to learn how to reconcile with the wife after treason or a quarrel.

If now you are too excited, then try to calm down before beginning a conversation. How you cope with arguments and disagreements, is very important. Because what you tell and do after the quarrel, or will bring together you and your girl, or will separate you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team