How to restore reputation

How to restore reputation

Those who got into difficult situations and managed to come off clear, know that there are several ways of recovery of reputation. Some of them contradict each other. The main thing in such situation is not to wait when everything is solved by itself, and to work.

1. Study a situation of deterioration in reputation. You remember one golden rule: in questions of correction of reputation of business it is more important than words. If you really were trapped in affairs, it is one situation, it demands one approach. And if you fell a victim of slander, it is absolutely other case.

2. Improve in practice if you really sinned. Before promising business partners, colleagues or relatives bright future, try to correct a situation in practice. Affairs have to precede words.

3. Keep silent if the compromising evidence is not enough. Study intensity of slander. Specialists in management of public relations recommend to ignore single attacks. If someone from competitors somehow scared up resources that once to discredit you, it is possible to pass it. And if you see a systematic campaign for deterioration in your reputation, it is necessary to work.

4. You are not silent if there is a lot of compromising evidence. Act openly. As a rule, those who will organize a defamation (public compromising evidence slander) act stealthily. And against the background of sincerity of the opposite side they look it is a pity. Open for readers or the audience true intentions and actions of ill-wishers and frankly discuss the. On the facts, figures prove that you were slandered.

5. Fight for justice safely. There is no need to hide the head in sand as an ostrich. Use the principle "in the war as in the war". If someone from competitors declared on you ideological war, enter fight. Only be accurate with methods. Do not fall before insubstantial reciprocal accusations. Logic, arguments, figures, the facts, opinions of experts, significant for the industry, – here your main weapon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team