How to return Lev's love

How to return Lev's love

According to the Zodiac, under the sign of Lev there are men whose birthday falls on the period from July 23 to August 23. It is one of the brightest zodiac signs and it will be hard for that woman who was influenced by the power of its feelings to leave Lev. If you are in a quarrel, then it will be rather difficult to return Lev's love, but it is worth trying after all.


1. Lions – are proud and rather hard perceive quarrels as they consider them by manifestation of the fact that you ceased to admire it and are ready to stop loving. But this sign constantly needs love and admiration and from their absence experiences the real physical tortures. Therefore if you do not want your beloved to find a consolation in embraces of other woman, you should not pout long better if you take the first step.

2. Wait some time that the offense both at you, and at it settled, but do not delay reconciliation more than 2-3 days. You can think up any reason for contact and not show the repentance if you do not feel guilty. The lion does not need your submission, but he will estimate that you want communication with it and he will be ready to forgive any offense if you to steam a groove in a conversation, kind of accidentally as self-evident, you will mention its any advantages. Even he will apprehend not disguised compliment as due, it will be pleasant to it even if he in it will not give himself the report.

3. If your flatter response went off with a bang, continue delicately and accurately "to scratch Lev behind an ear", and in five minutes he will languish finally. Most likely, offenses will be forgotten and reconciliation will take place immediately, but if it did not occur and he continues to pout, interrupt communication and renew it after a while, next day.

4. Conduct developing attack. If you have mutual friends and acquaintances, ask them to talk to it and kind of accidentally, to tell about in what we delight and admiration from it. Of course, that they know that you are at odds friends should not say. Any Lev feels true pleasure from what its advantages highly appreciate so. Even, if he does not give a sign, in soul he will be proud and happy with you.

5. For Lev any doubts in your love are painful therefore if he is really dear to you, try to maintain in him confidence that he for you is an idol and the most desired person in the world. If he knows it, then your quarrels will never be neither long, nor serious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team