How to return the daughter home

How to return the daughter home

The conflict of generations and constant quarrels often force children to leave family. It seems to them that if they leave the parental house, then life will become much simpler. The task of parents in such situation is to return quicker the got confused child home.


1. To understand the reason of a similar act of the daughter, at first answer yourself a question: whether you could push her to leaving the house by the own words or actions? Many children (especially girls) excessively painfully treat reproaches from parents. Having seeded in the daughter grain of doubt in once whether you love her, you can start the mechanism of development of an inferiority complex. Therefore it is necessary to be more careful with words which you tell to the daughter. Encourage her at a difficult moment, but do not call dull or silly.

2. The house in which it is comfortable do not leave. Means, you created such conditions that leaving became the only exit for the daughter. Constant scandals and the conflicts in the house do not promote improvement of a microclimate in family. The child who is constantly humiliated by parents will look for supports at friends. Those, in turn can line him on escape from the house. It is more difficult for girls to decide on it, they are more tied to the house and family. But, driven to despair, the daughter will pack things and will leave - it will be much more difficult to return her owing to bigger sensitivity and vulnerability, than the boy. Therefore it is necessary to work on itself to manage to return the daughter to native Penates. She will not return if feels the negative attitude which remained same.

3. To persuade the daughter to come back home, stock up with warm words and patience. It is not necessary, having been refused, to break on shout and to appeal to the fact that you spent the whole life for her education, and it acts with you this way ungratefully. Tenderly tell it that realized the mistakes and strongly you miss it. Leaning on family relations and a spiritual unification with the daughter you will achieve the necessary results.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team