How to return the girl if she left to former

How to return the girl if she left to former

You met the beautiful girl, your relations developed very quickly and you did not notice how you fell in love. It would seem, nothing portends a trouble. But here on the horizon the former young man of the girl who threw her earlier appeared. And she could not struggle with the feelings and left you to it. You understand that you have to return her back, and in any way differently.

It is required to you

  • - flowers,
  • - cards,
  • - gifts.


1. Be adjusted on a positive wave. If you show aggression, hardly your invention will end with success. You have to show to the girl that you are more worthy than that man. You are kinder, more positive and, the most important, is more reliable than it. He already threw it once, and there is no guarantee that he will not repeat this act. You also have to inform of it the girl, but to do it it is necessary very carefully.

2. Try to understand the darling. She can realize that your rival is not so worthy it, but sometimes feelings eclipse sober thoughts. The same, perhaps, happened also to it. She does not want to hurt you, but also cannot go against the heart. However it is possible that thanks to your correct acts and proofs of love, it will change the opinion and will return to you.

3. Do not try to tell directly the girl, that man is how bad. Most likely, she will give a hostile reception to such pressure as specifically at present she thinks absolutely differently. To you it is not necessary and pursue her, constantly to meet on its way with the purpose to win. The excessive attention can give boomerang effect therefore the girl will begin to avoid you. You can meet her once that in personal meeting to let know that you are able and you will wait.

4. Prove the love beautiful acts. In it just you should not limit yourself. Order for it songs on radio, order in the agency the poster with its image which will be located near her house or work. Send it flowers with notes. Let it know that you are not angry with its leaving and are ready to wait until she understands that you are dearer to it. Such patience and persistence will surely bear fruit therefore there are good chances that the girl after all will analyze acts of two men which are present at her life, and will make a choice in your advantage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team