How to return the man

How to return the man

Any girl dreams of the faithful and reliable partner, but sometimes the man does not meet expectations and begins to change. How to arrive wants to return to the woman who faced treason and the man, by all means? If you are sure that you do not want to begin new life, and want to continue the previous relations, you need to understand what moves your desire to return the partner to family.


1. If a source of this desire – the aspiration to revenge the unknown competitor, you can spoil life and yourself, and the man. No relations can be under construction on revenge, a negative and pride. Therefore it is possible to return the man only when your desire is based on sincere feelings which you do not want to lose.

2. Understand what became the reason of leaving of the man to other woman – his love for it could become the reason, but also the reason can be in your behavior and your shortcomings. Think that could not be enough for the man in your relations and that he could look for in the relations with other person.

3. Think whether you are capable to forgive sincerely him for treason and to continue to build the relations. It is possible only if between you something remained the general if you have general subjects for a talk, common interests and aspirations in life. Find something important and valuable that connects you and returns by the beginning of your romantic relations.

4. Constrain emotions and try to think logically. Define in what the man mistakes consisted and in what your mistakes consisted. Try to correct own shortcomings and to draw conclusions that the man had any more no occasion to leave you if the main reason was in it. If the reason of treason consists only in frivolity and dishonourableness of the man, do not hope to correct him – get rid of illusions and begin new life.

5. Find an occasion to reconcile with the man. Let it know that it is expensive to you and that with the new woman it will not find those advantages of joint life which he already received, living with you. Agree that you more will show consideration to each other, and be ready that you should change in something yourself.

6. Have patience, be not too persuasive. After parting the return to the former relations, as a rule, is gradual and difficult. The man has to understand that he was forgiven and that it is still valuable to you. In a talk try not to concern unpleasant subjects – do not discuss the competitor and do not reproach the man for his leaving.

7. Be quiet, independent, careful and self-assured – it will attract to you the man again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team