How to speak about the feelings

How to speak about the feelings

If it came to feelings, it is supposed that they concern the person close to you, to the one who is indifferent for you, and feelings any do not arise. Your parents, friends or the spouse can be people with whom you want to speak about the feelings. Anyway, it is better to discuss your relations, than to conceal the discontent in itself, burning and not knowing response.


1. Before beginning a conversation about feelings, analyze current situation and answer yourself questions: "What happened? What does not suit me? What do I want? What do I think about it?". If it is important to you to show the feelings, then do not hide them and share them with the interlocutor.

2. In order that your loved one heard you and understood, you have to realize that you – two different persons and your interlocutor can just have other look and treats something not as you at all. Therefore your task – accurately and clearly to explain to him why you have any given feelings, offenses and misunderstanding.

3. If you want to ask the interlocutor about something, then the wish has to sound not in the form of the complaint or charge and as a request for the help. Formulate specifically as the person can help you.

4. If your feelings are expressed in the form of confusion, disappointment or uncertainty, then will be apprehended not so crucially, it is better to tell at the same time "Me angers when you scatter the socks", than "You are a sloven and you scatter the socks". Use in the wishes messages from the first person. Absolutely differently phrases "Sound I need that you helped me" and "You do not help me at all".

5. If your task simply is to express then, of course you should not pay attention to form of presentation of the claims and to ensure completeness of self-expression. But if you want to be heard then each word should be picked up diligently.

6. We hope that in your relations there are not only negative feelings, therefore if you have feeling of love, pride and pleasure from actions and behavior of the person close to you, then, please, do not hesitate less often to it about it, perhaps, then will speak to arise situations with the statement of mutual claims.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team